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Three truss parts, showing the different styles. Left to right; Alternating Supports, Bridge Supports, No Supports

The TrussPart object is a physical object. It, when it is in the Workspace, will move and interact with other parts. It can have bonds formed with other parts, so that the two parts stay in the same relative position. Truss parts are the same as Parts, except that they have a different visual style and resize differently; they can also be used as ladders. You can still use them just like regular bricks.

The TrussPart object can be edited using the various Studio tools. It is available via either the Insert menu, or the Object Insert menu.

Sparkles will show up while inside this brick.

There are many scripting opportunities using the TrussPart object. Many of the other scripting objects, such as BodyForce objects operate inside of a TrussPart or other physics based objects. Editing the TrussPart's properties through a script can result in a lot of fun opportunities.