Lumber Tycoon created by Defaultio, one of the many tycoons that exist on ROBLOX

Tycoons are specific types of games on ROBLOX in which the player gets to own his/her own base, usually a business or a company of some kind, and must use his/her skills to upgrades and cash to expand the tycoon by purchasing more buildings or items.


In December 2007, a famous ROBLOX scripter, uberubert, created a game called "Bread Factory Tycoon". This was an extremely popular game at the time for about over four months, estimating an outstanding total of over 500,000 visits for its time. Uberubert decided not to work on the game anymore, so he uncopylocked it for other players to utilize. ROBLOXian scripters took advantage of this and started making their own tycoons. One user published a "tycoon kit", which allows players to create their own tycoons. One example of the Bread Factory Tycoon is this game.


In almost all tycoons on ROBLOX, the player will need to walk around until they find a vacant building. It is usually a door, but buttons are also common. A tycoon may be claimed by simply walking or bumping onto the button or door, depending on the layout of the tycoon. During the old times, the reasons why Tycoons were so interesting, is because, a player gets to own his/her own base and earns money by waiting and purchasing upgrades. Once he/she has enough cash, they can simply stand on a button which would allow them to buy a specific model. It can be related to mystery. A player would be interested to find out how the tycoon would look like. Back in the days, you couldn't interact much with tycoons. However, you can interact a lot more in the modern versions.



In most tycoons, There is a machine that produces bricks, called a dropper. Usually the machines are automatic. A machine has three key parts: a brick producer, a conveyor belt and a brick collector. The brick producer puts the bricks on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt transports the bricks and the brick collector removes the bricks, giving money in exchange. Some buttons you may find near these are upgraders, a button that will make another machine, a button that will make the bricks move faster and a button that will give you more money per brick.

Manual Labor

In some tycoons, such as mining tycoons or lumber tycoons, the game requires the player to work manually. Usually, a tool is used to do this. This method usually involves going up to a object and ramming the tool into the object or stabbing the object.

Auto Cash

Another fairly common type of tycoon has cash that is automatically delivered to the player, and the more things the player buys the faster the cash goes.


Upgrades are customary to tycoons. The upgrades can either be for better money-making, for recreation or just for decoration. Getting an upgrade usually involves stepping on a button which removes the required money from the player, puts the upgrade into the game and removing the button. In a few games, specifically Lumber Tycoon II, upgrades are bought in the form of boxes and taken to the player's lot.


Donating is put in most tycoons, and is almost always done using a button on the screen. In some games, the Donate action is a tool which is helpful to many players who are in need of loans.

Completing the game

The game ends when the player purchases the last upgrade. The last upgrade that can be bought by the player is usually a very expensive statue or object, although, like every game on ROBLOX, the game continues until the player leaves. At time, a badge may be given to a player for completing the tycoon.


Some users have various amounts of dislike against tycoons for a variety of reasons. On the forums, users use them (rarely) to criticize Free Models. In commentaries for tycoon-related objects, users may post negative comments regarding tycoons, such as: "Tycoons are lazily made", or "All tycoons have Free Models." And some users find tycoons "boring" and "not worth visiting". Some users say that tycoons are used for clickbait games on ROBLOX, changing the thumbnail every hour/day. Examples are (they are most likely switched): Don't let Foxy out!, Trick or Treat and Parkour all lead to the same tycoon. Some tycoons are so bad that they got lots of dislikes.

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