An example of a place under review.

Under Review is an availability status for ROBLOX places. A place is typically put under review by moderators if it is found to be in violation of the Terms of Service. Some examples of a place breaking the Terms of Service is having inappropriate features, not having a filter (meaning players could use explicit language), copyright issues (such as having textures from a different video game, such as Minecraft), or the place is originally stolen from another place.

If a place is put under review, the creator's account will most likely either receive a warning or any moderative action up to an account deletion. Some well-known places that were put under review include Town of ROBLOXia, Boys and Girls Hangout, Pokemon Go Tycoon, Pokemon Fighters EX, Reason 2 Die Awakening, The ROBLOX Library, Animatronic World!, Eternal Moon III and, Two Player Gun Factory Tycoon, Arcane Adventures, Pokemon Brick Bronze and Empire Theater V9, Dragon ball rp legends which has been put under review 5 times .

Other games include WWE 2K17 and oddly enough, Welcome to ROBLOX Building, a game created by the CEO of ROBLOX and featured on the Roblox Youtube channel.

Sometimes, ROBLOX will no longer put the place under review if the creator removes features that violate the Terms of Service. For example, on June 2017, WWE 2K17 was no longer put under review after the creator removed a script that allowed players to swear on. It is currently named as WWE 2K18. However, most games put under review are very unlikely to be reopened.

On June 5, 2017, Work at a Pizza Place by Dued1, which is a popular front page game, was put under review, but went back up within minutes due to extreme outrage in the forums by Work at a Pizza Place fans.


An example of a place that is randomly put under review, yet still being popular.

Scam place

An example of a place that is under review because it has been suspected to violate the Terms of Service of ROBLOX.

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