Unturned is a game on Steam. It has a aspect of DayZ. The Unturned Prototype was Actually in Roblox. Nelson Sexton goes by the Name of 'DeadZoneZackzak'. Nelson made 'Deadzone' Back in 2013.

Deadzone to Unturned (3.0)

Deadzone started off as a Apocalyptic zombie game. The Map started off flat, the character couldn't be customized. After Putting in some updates, the game earned lots of Visits and Likes. Later Nelson decided to create Deadzone II (2) wanting to make it cleaner, optimized, making game play smoother.

Someone began to exploit the game files, adding a Uncopiedlocked version Onto roblox leaving it so people can take and paste on Roblox. Nelson Got mad and Contacted Roblox. Roblox banned the players responsibles and removed the games. Nelson lost hope of roblox And Deadzone II. He scrapped Deadzone II and Left Roblox, He posted on Deadzone that he will make a game outside of Roblox called UNTURNED.

Unturned 1.0 (Antique): Nelson made a Unity Powered unturned game. The game did not have a lot of players online and not many servers were hosted.

Unturned 2.0 (classic): Nelson created Unturned 2.0. The game was a Success and many players and famous youtubers (Such as Pewdiepie) Played the game.

Unturned 3.0: Nelson kept unturned Classic on for a little while after Unturned 3.0 was being developed, the old Unturned 3.0 needed to be access in STEAM by entering a local files and switch it to unturned 3.0, and they needed to add a special password which was: OPERATIONMAPLELEAF. Unturned 3.0 is released in public and updated every week. The 3 official in Unturned takes place in Canada and USA.


  • Nelson was once banned for having a copied DeadZone game.
  • In Unturned There is a area called a 'Deadzone Node' which the name is an Easter egg to Nelson's roblox game Deadzone.
  • Unturned 2.0 and Deadzone had a Morality system.
  • Deadzone took place in northern alaska
  • Unturned Youtubers interviewed Nelson (youtubers such as Melikebigboom, and Vuxxy.). Nelson stated that The old unturned prototype was in Roblox.

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