The Urban Assault Forces (UAF), also known as The Patrian Empire, and prior to this The New Regime, is a historical and legendary superclan originally formed by Sellethore on February 21, 2010. In around eight years time, the Urban Assault Forces has grown from a small scale clan, revitalized by Benblue9, into a large community of members who have stayed loyal over the years working tirelessly to maintain the group as one of the most prestigious and respected clans to date. 

UAF is acknowledged by the C&G as one of the greatest and most influential clans to exist. 


2010: The Pre-Communism Era

Sellethore (Infinitive)'s 1st Leadership

Being the year of UAF's conception at the hands of Sellethore, king132x, and Lordvader1337. 2010 marked the beginning of the Urban Assault Forces as an official clan. Originally founded as a "splinter group" of Frost Clan with the intentions of being a democratic elite urban raiding force, this era is forgotten by most members of the community. Poor decisions made early on during this time period is what failed to propel UAF to instant success, much like some other clans during this period. However, after a few months of growth, UAF decided to declare war on The Roblox Assault Team and X-101ST, which had gained the group instant popularity and recognition. Following these conflicts, Sellethore departed on a planned vacation and authorized XNoBoomX to lead UAF in his absence.

XNoBoomX's Leadership

As his first act as Leader, XNoBoomX decided to capitalize on UAF's previous two wars and declare war on both the United Clan of ROBLOX and The First Encounter Assault Recon. As he had hoped, the wars turned out to be as success and grew the clan. Activity was at an all time high since creation, despite XNoBoomX being the only active high rank. Shortly after these conflicts, the second oldest notable alliance, the UAF-NFC alliance, was founded because XNoBoomX was a high rank (and later the Chancellor) of Nightfall Clan. It was during this time that much needed reforms took place, where the inactive HRs were wiped out and replaced with new and competent members. XNoBoomX was known as a fair leader and was popular among his members. Soon after the defeat of United Clan of ROBLOX, XNoBoomX was threatened to be hacked by numerous high ranks in UCR, which led Infinitive to request for the clan back. To nobody's surprise, the group was returned.

Sellethore (Infinitive)'s 2nd Leadership

Infinitive's return to leadership was very short, the reason for this being was his self-discovery that he no longer wished to lead the Urban Assault Forces. XNoBoomX suggested an election between himself and Third in Command Lordvader1337 that the whole group would be able to participate in. Infinitive accepted this offer. As it turns out, XNoBoomX won approximately 80% of the votes, likely because he was more widely known for previously leading the group. However, Infinitive favored Lordvader1337 and unjustly gave him the group despite the results of the vote. Infinitive's involvement with rigging the election angered ally Nightfall Clan to the point where they intervened and declared war on UAF.

Lordvader1337's Leadership

Lordvader1337 was extremely unpopular among his high ranks due to receiving the group by corrupt means. He was encouraged to pass the group onto its "true" leader, XNoBoomX. This led him to demote the supporters of XNoBoomX and made his friend Pizzaboy52 the Second in Command of UAF. These actions led to constant destruction of Lordvader1337's leadership from Nightfall Clan. Due to recent events in UAF, MeowMixxed, the real life cousin of Benblue9, began plotting. MeowMixxed had noticed how well his cousin had led the United Clan of ROBLOX and the ROBLOX Freedom Association so he decided that he would like to see him in action as a leader once again. He consulted his friend Donkeyo4 and made an offer to Lordvader1337 to purchase UAF. Due to the state of the Urban Assault Forces and constant pressure from Nightfall Clan, Lordvader1337 gave up and accepted the offer to sell the clan.

2011: The Communism Era

Donkeyo4's Leadership

Donkeyo4, MeowMixxed, and Benblue9 were now incharge of UAF. Lordvader1337 had given over the group in exchange for Admiral in RAT, 10k ROBUX, and a Sparkletime Fedora. Donkeyo4 agreed to hold UAF until Benblue9 purchased Builder’s Club. The announcement of this historical purchase came with massive praise from the C&G community, and Donkeyo4 was praised as the “savior of UAF”. Many people were excited to see Benblue9 back in action, leading another superclan. Donkeyo4’s leadership marked the birth of the historical UAF-RAT alliance, which became both group’s strongest alliance at different points in the future. It also was the first leadership where the rank name “Commander” was adopted, which went on to be UAF’s leader rank name for years to come along with many other changes to the stylization of ranks.

Benblue9's Leadership

Benblue9 was finally given Urban Assault Forces by ColourTheory after buying Builder's Club. By many, this is considered the Golden Era of UAF. Benblue9 gave UAF a Communist Russian theme shortly after being given the group. However, it was merely advertised that way. Sunshine321 created Fort Mettenrich, which was soon replaced by Fort Kopervich, also built by Sunshine321.

With these changes also brought along some new enemies such as the rising Alversian Peoples' Navy. The Vaktovian Empire had ravished through the Clan World in a Ro-War and one of their targets was our Motherland. UAF fought valiantly, but it was a battle that could not be won. During August, XNoBoomX finally was given ownership of Nightfall Clan. After long discussion between Benblue9 and XNoBoomX they agreed to end all hostility between UAF and NFC although they decided that re-allying each other was not the correct way to go, due to tensions between members in both groups. XNoBoomX was also allowed to rejoin UAF.

Soon after the Urban Assault Forces declared war on The Vaktovian Empire and managed to tie. After the tie, UAF declared war on Imperial Legionnaires. Many more wars were fought, but few were recorded. After eight months of leading, BenBlue9 left ROBLOX and granted ownership of UAF to MOOJL.

2012: The Reformation Era

MOOJL (DiscoHeaven)'s 1st Leadership

MOOJL began his reign with many reforms, most of which were met with curiosity and by some, enthusiasm as he focused on lore and world building with the release of 'UAF: The City' in an attempt at expanding on the one note 'Russian communist' theme (though this was never completed in its entirety and is one of his larger first term failures). With time, however, he began gaining popularity as activity returned back to near benblue9 levels.

A special alliance, dubbed 'The Tri-Force' (after the the three part symbol of Hylian society) was created with Sleet Clan and The Grand Imperium, intending to foster mutualism between the mid-sized clans.

Most notably with high ranks during this era Legislature and co-Third in Command OldBarrel stole a large sum of Robux that were intended for advertising & stole technology developed by Catblox for the benefit of his group 'Ro-Nation'.

MOOJL feared for the safety of UAF after an infamous night in which unnamed friends of then-popular clan personality iBurning (a high rank from the group 'the Imperial Legionnaires', whom he'd befriended mere days prior) hacked into the ROBLOX site's admin panel in order to silently steal accounts and broadcast site wide messages. This led to the creation of his alternate account 'DiscoHeaven', a name he would stick with until his final days on ROBLOX. Soon afterward he struggled with personal issues and knew the best option was to pass the clan on temporarily, giving Bbal leadership.

During MOOJL's era the top leaders of the Urban Assault Forces and high ranks of other clans became close friends via the xFire chat client. The original members are listed as follows:

  • Bbal
  • shadowsword
  • Stephen5
  • LunaScamander (ROBLOX Assault Team)
  • DragonOfTime (Vortex Security, ROBLOX Assault Team)
  • Piede (Vortex Security, ROBLOX Assault Team)
  • ColourTheory (ROBLOX Assault Team)
  • Tenniscat (ROBLOX Assault Team)
  • Generation418 (ROBLOX Assault Team)
  • Hevymetal591 (ROBLOX Assault Team)
  • Castellian (The Grand Imperium)
  • CrakTheRaven (The Grand Imperium)
  • RodgerDoger (The Grand Imperium)
  • DoomKnight495 (The Grand Imperium)
  • Veltex (WIJ)

'The Social Circle', while not explicitly clan related, generally had access to the same pre-release group content that UAF high ranks did, viewing things such as the unfinished lore guide, drafts of policy, and helping to test new technology. MOOJL was often criticized for 'goofing off' too often when in game with them, though he defended it as 'strengthening alliances'.

Bbal's Leadership

Bbal possessed UAF for a short period of time, refurbishing the classic 'Fort Deuce' and renaming it Fort Sapphire (now known as Stonecarve River Valley). Her introduction of new vehicles and her faux inability to drive them became a running inside joke within the clan. She declared war on the X-101st Legion, a war that carried on into shadowsword's Era. As she had already planned on leaving, she offered to return the group to MOOJL- then known as DiscoHeaven after he petitioned ROBLOX administration to permanently ban his original account. His new account lacked Builder's Club at the time, and as such they resolved that shadowsword should hold the Commander position until asked to return the clan to DiscoHeaven.

Shadowsword's 1st Leadership

Shadowsword quickly went to work, knowing he had to prove his abilities as leader before DiscoHeaven requested the return of UAF to his hand. He did this by quickly beating John’s Cobras, Valor Legion, USM, and many other smaller clans. Coupled with success in wars, he famously managed to bring activity up immensely by bringing in new HRs from X-101ST throughout the duration of war, and this tactic carried on during Clone3102’s leadership.  The Urban Assault Forces’ final battle team, Preliators, became a force to be reckoned with, led by OwningDutchMan. This administration expanded the diplomatic sector by allying WIJ, NEO, and many other prominent clans at the time. Shadowsword was known to use his famous war tactic on his allies as well, recruiting massive amounts of members from WIJ to boost UAF’s activity greatly.

Only around a month in, DiscoHeaven began to ask for the Urban Assault Forces back, as Shadowsword expected. Along with pressure to be hacked from others if he did not surrender the group, Shadowsword held an emergency Generals only meeting with his High Command, and those who were online were the only ones to attend. It was here where he asked if any of his Generals wanted to take UAF off of his hands for good, as he had enough of dealing with constant pressure from others in the group telling him to give up the group. Clone3102 (LockeGallagher at the time) stepped up and decided he wanted to be Shadowsword’s successor of the Urban Assault Forces. Shadowsword decided to hand over the group to General Storm Riffle for a very brief period of time while Clone3102 purchased Builder’s Club and took over as Commander of the Urban Assault Forces. This was done to spite DiscoHeaven, who was responsible for his resignation and urge to hand over leadership of the Urban Assault Forces.

Clone3102's Leadership

Clone3102 was now incharge of UAF, which caused outrage among some of DiscoHeaven’s strongest supporters. This was one of the decisions which sparked Shadowsword’s infamous feud with DiscoHeaven. Plaguing the Urban Assault Forces for the coming years, it caused High Ranks to further divide into their own social circles creating an unwelcoming environment in UAF which is still seen in present day UAF to a certain extent. In an attempt to quell the potential rebellion, he put down his foot down and enacted many policy changes within the group. He instated OwningDutchMan as Joint-Second in Command alongside DiscoHeaven as a balance of power, with Storm Riffle remaining as the sole Third in Command. Issues were quickly sorted within days, among many other rank reforms.

In the final days of Clone3102’s ownership of UAF, he worked alongside DiscoHeaven to end the X-101ST war, which was seen to be the major success of his leadership. To everyone’s surprise, Shadowsword had announced he had wanted to reclaim his position as Commander, although he was still worried about his account being compromised by those who did not want to see him in power. Clone3102 and Shadowsword agreed to hand the group to OwningDutchMan for some time before Shadowsword reclaimed his position.

OwningDutchMan's Leadership

OwningDutchMan owned UAF for a very brief period of time in between Clone3102’s and Shadowsword’s leaderships. In this time, he continued on as UAF’s leader of Preliators and publicly displayed this by changing the Commander rank to Commissioner, which was his Preliators rank. Not much was accomplished during this era, aside from the preparations for Shadowsword’s return to full leadership and attempts to quell any remaining members who opposed his ownership of UAF. After two days, Shadowsword was ready to make his return to UAF leadership on May 28th, 2012.

Shadowsword's 2nd Leadership

Shadowsword was now in command again, and confident after his first run as leader. Throughout this era, he waged war on APN and R.A.A., which both resulted in victories for the Forces. Along with this, any doubt of the legitimacy of Shadowsword’s leadership were quelled, resulting in one of the first stable periods in UAF’s recent history.

All of this would be soon overshadowed by Shadowsword’s greatest accomplishment as the Commander of the Urban Assault Forces. On June 12th, 2012, the “Constitution of the Motherland” and later on June 21st, 2012, the “Codex of the Motherland” was drafted by Commander Shadowsword, Second in Command DiscoHeaven, and Chief Justice Falsewarrior000. This was the birth of modern UAF as we know it today, effectively establishing the basic laws and freedoms Patrians have enjoyed for years, as well as establishing our position as the fighting force for justice in the clan world. Here is the official preamble of the Constitution & Codex:

“We, soldiers united in arms for our Motherland, have as our birthright inert freedoms that cannot be questioned. Therefore, in order to propagate the glory of the Urban Assault Forces, the rights of the people are to be set down, that all may see them. These rights are unalienable, and are to be written that the people, the strength of the Motherland, shall protect them, and that the leaders of UAF shall not violate them, on pain of punishment by the Commander.”

Shadowsword and had sworn that his and every future administration were to protect the rights of the Patrian people. On July 10th, 2012, Shadowsword had officially retired and did what was seen to be the "right thing" by returning the clan to DiscoHeaven. After two terms, he called it quits as he had decided he had not been enjoying UAF as he once did. When it was time for him to go, he resigned not as the villian many of his haters had previously portrayed him as, but as a hero and fighter for the rights of the Patrian people, establishing himself as one of UAF’s greatest Commanders to date.

2013: The Urban Era

MOOJL (DiscoHeaven)'s 2nd Leadership

DiscoHeaven had finally received the group that was rightfully his after months of waiting. However, the group’s constant shifts in leadership strained high rank allegiances throughout the process of his return to Commander. This led to concerns being raised by veteran high ranks of the group about the 'corruption' of other leaders in UAF, eventually leading to their demotions and permanent exiles for LordVydrak, Ryanr23, and Sidous25. As these high ranks found themselves ousted on shaky grounds other members followed, putting DiscoHeaven in a bind. This marked the return of Bbal as a high rank when FalseWarrior000 and Vuqu retired, a decision that was so widely disputed that she became discouraged and quit the clan world for good not long after.

DiscoHeaven retired UAF: The City, symbolically demolishing the intense focus he had initially placed on world building as he returned to the Benblue9 era classic, Fort Kopervich, renovating it with (rather poorly polished) new passages to reinvigorate the excitement of raiding and defending along with upgraded weaponry and a new capture system courtesy of Tbarpo.

In September, 2012, DiscoHeaven granted amnesty to those he believed he had punished unfairly, including SloppyCanada, a benblue9 era high rank who had been vocally against him since his demotion, even going so far as to edit the Urban Assault Forces’ ROBLOX Wikia page with falsified information years after DiscoHeaven had quit ROBLOX.

After some time Tbarpo quietly (and to many, mysteriously) exited the clan world after talking privately with DiscoHeaven and so the position of Third in Command was granted to Bloxman26. This was just in time for him to take leadership after DiscoHeaven and FalseWarrior000 resolved that they were too inactive to benefit the group.

Bloxman26's Leadership

Bloxman26 immediately made some minor alterations in UAF, such as creating new ranks, changing the description, and demoting inactive high ranks. FalseWarrior000 eventually retired as Second in Command, giving the position to TNTBoy2001. TNTBoy2001 also retired, and his position was given to ShatteredRealites120.

A new fort was then created by Urban Development. It came to be known as Fort Aries. TBarpo returned, with much regret regarding his sudden disappearance. He recreated the guns used at Aries into a much more effective model. Thus far into the era, UAF defeated Electro Legion, The Federation of Supremacy, and Black Wolf Empire.

In this era, the Urban Assault Forces has lost it's theme of Communism. At this point in time, UAF did not have a Second in Command, after ShatteredRealites120's resignation. Blox knew that he was going to be inactive, so he handed over the group to his trusted recently returning Second in Command, Falsewarrior000.

2014-2016: The Phoenix Era

Falsewarrior000's Leadership

Falsewarrior000 got the group, and planned on reforming and re-structuring the clan. With the return of ShatteredRealites120 as General, the process will be faster. So far, False has introduced new Generals and new Colonels. Upon the mantle of Commander being given to False, UAF entered a tri-war on WIJ along with RSF and UCR. UAF made the most participation, winning 36 raid wins on WIJ. Tensions were too high on the Clans and Guilds forum, and in-game itself, so SilentSwords and False agreed on the war ending as a tie. He has deleted and re-named the old ranks. Later on, ex-Commander shadowsword came back and later on retired whilst try reviving UAF, and once again returned to help out. Later on, UAF had removed RAT as their allies and made an alliance with the New Frostarian Union. False's second war, on RAT, was a massive success. With the Operation "Occupy Borealis", it led to UAF destroying RAT by 29 wins. After this great victory, UAF launched another operation on TRA and once again the outcome was 13-0 UAF! Sapphire then was updated and a started with FC and UAF v BWE and EL. This was a quick war with the outcome of 40-0 before they surrendered to UAF and FC. UAF was then attacked by Green Gods, which resulted in one loss due to Palermonian forces supporting Green Gods at Green Gods' Fort Nyar. A second raid occurred as well, resulting in Green Gods losing.

UAF then declared war on the Robloxian Special Forces (RSF), under Fruitbox, and won a stunning 50-0 victory against them. Falsewarrior then initiated the UAF-SC war, which ended with a score of 4-3 in UAF's favor. The Urban Assault Forces achieved its war aims in the brief UAF-UCR war, resulting in a UAF victory. The Urban Assault Forces defeated The Robloxian Army TRA with a warscore of 50-3, avenging any perceived insult against them.  

Soticule Forces and RAA declared war against UAF and The Grand Imperium on February 27th, 2015. Following drawn-out negotiations and delays by certain members of the TGI/RAA HICOMs, the war split into a UAF-RAA war and a TGI-SF war, the latter a resounding SF victory.  

The UAF-RAA (4/9/15 to 4/12/15) war was fought in April of 2015. A furious UAF offensive at the war's onset resulted in Synoan's withdrawal on April 12, 2015 with a final score of 2-0 in UAF's favor.  

Later on, they declared war on The Vaktovian Empire, in which Vaktus accepted. This was also the first war they participated in when they switched back to their old theme. UAF started to win 3-1 against VAK, until VAK caused ceasefire to discuss more fair terms. The terms then got out of control, and the war was canceled. One notable strategy False had against VAK was not allowing any new VAC members into VAC, due to the fact that there was a lot of hype for VAKs old theme coming back.

After a few months, False announced another dark age for UAF, even though False was considered one of the best leaders at UAF.

The Chivalrous Dominance declared war on UAF, which False accepted. The final score came to be 11-7 in TCD's favor. After the war and UAF's formal surrender, the two groups declared an alliance.

UAF participated in the Alversian Peoples' Navy v Concord of Exiles/VOID war on APN's side, which ended 3-0 after CONEX surrendered (Campy broke 2 of his own war terms of shutting down the fort without permission and changing part of their fort without permission.) After the war, VOID and CONEX unallied.

UAF posted a forum, which included the group famous UAF rap. However, SteffJonez, the leader of John's Cobras at that time, mocked the rap on that same forum. UAF, angered by this, decided to raid Fort Fang. However, seconds before victory, an admin had shutdown the raid which further angered UAF and they decided to declare war on JC, which became known as "The War of the Rap". JC became supported by its allies Tad's Cobras, Veloxic Empire (As well as Lortex Security supporting VE) and RAA mercenaries hired by TC's leader Tadcool. This cause many allies and other clans to support UAF, which included Alversian Peoples' Navy, The Chivalrous Dominance, United Clan of Roblox, Fire Warriors Clan, and The Brotherhood (A JC rebellion group consisting of AtomicRXN and several former JC veterans). After many successful raid wins from UAF and its allies, JC was sold to EmperorRyzoft of Green Gods. Later, he gave the group to Atomic, switching JC's side in the war. TC, VE, and LS alliance came to end, with all of them declaring war on each other (LS also switched sides in the war). UAF and its allies continued to raid both VE and TC, and declared victory with a stunning 25-0 war score. Falsewarrior000 has the record of leading UAF for the longest time (nearly 3 years).

MOOJL (DiscoHeaven)'s 3rd Leadership

DiscoHeaven received the group becoming the first leader to have more than two terms leading the group. To open up his term, he opened up High Rank Applications to try improve the internal structure of the group making up for the members lost at the end of the previous term. This could be seen as a pivotal diplomatic era, as Head of Diplomatic Affairs Flaminquo had restored relations with a previously long-time ally, Nightfall Clan. Around a week later, an NFC war had broken out and UAF had jumped on the opportunity to assist them. After discussions between Flaminquo and the NFC Council, we had pledged our support to them. This war seriously rejuvenated the once great alliance, and great feats during this conflict led to her promotion to General.

Shortly after discussions began between the Head of Diplomatic Affairs Flaminquo, Emperor of Arcadia RodgerDodger, and DiscoHeaven terminated the UAF-FoA alliance which was seen as controversial by the Clans & Guilds forum. The Patria-Arcadia alliance began at the beginning of founding of The Grand Imperium when UAF was it's first ally. As a result of the unalliance, FoA invaded UAF, and ex-leader and founder of FoA, DystraTala, declared war on UAF with his own group. Soon after this, negotiations between DystraTala and the newly promoted Head of Warfare MediKat failed to move forward despite UAF's interest to accept the war.

Due to DiscoHeaven’s rising levels of inactivity which caused him not to be able to lead UAF to the best of his abilities, DiscoHeaven decided it was time to hand the group down to long-time veteran, Consul Bakuganchamp7. This wrapped up his third term of leadership, in yet another peaceful transferral of powers.

2017: The Imperial Era

Bakuganchamp7's Leadership

Bakuganchamp7 is a long-time veteran of UAF and one of the only active members left from the sellethore/Infinitive era. He took up command of the Urban Assault Forces on January 21, 2017 and opened his reign with pompous "inauguration" at the Immortals' Arena, a product of his continuing revitalization and expansion of UAF world-building. Soon after this, he would appoint Flaminquo to the Second in Command position along, which led to her and Saumibane ultimately taking over for him when he authorized them to act as Commander in March of 2017 so Bakuganchamp7 could take a leadership hiatus to develop UAF's roleplay game, The Far East.

Shortly after Flaminquo and Saumibane took command of the Urban Assault Forces, Saumibane decided to resign from the Urban Assault Forces due to constant harassment he has been receiving from ex-Commanders Shadowsword and Clone3102 which was resolved later on when DiscoHeaven and Falsewarrior000 had accused Shadowsword, Shattered_Realities, and Clone3102 with numerous harassment and treason charges. This was later brought to the UAF Supreme Court, in which Flaminquo had ruled in Shadowsword's favor, eventually causing DiscoHeaven to quit UAF altogether. Eventually, former General MrLeopard441 had told Saumibane that Flaminquo participated in the harassment scandals, although these accusations were found to be false. As a result of the case, Flaminquo added a filter to the official UAF Discord to bar toxicity in the community.

During all of this the United Clan of ROBLOX had abruptly ended the historical alliance between UAF and themselves. Disappointed and feeling betrayed by the actions UCR and its leader, Vertillian took, Flaminquo and the UAF Warfare Department waged a crusade on UCR, which eventually had turned into a war. During the crusades, UAF had gotten off to a quick lead of 3-0 which had caused Vertillian to hire mercenaries to defend for UCR. During the time, the war was declared and negotiations began. The fact that Kopervich was nearly unplayable for many of UCR's members, and many other factors led to the falling out of the war between the two clans.

After the conflict, notable veterans had returned as well and were promoted while newer members reached higher ranks as well. Flaminquo, Nitroyoshi9, and TheDarkVaraug later made the decision to create an alliance with The Sky Clan of ROBLOX which was seen as controversial by the general community because they were a sword clan. Flaminquo had also been the first of UAF's leaders to authorize a sword-only fort, which eventually was known as Katyusha. Later on, UAF and RSF created a quad-clan coalition with them and SCR and EL for reasons that are yet to be publicized to this day.

Eventually, Bakuganchamp7 had declared his return to leadership of UAF and made the infamous controversial decision in which he not only removed, but blacklisted his own second in command, Flaminquo, over an internal dispute. Within days, they quickly lost all of it's allies including RSF, Frost Clan, John's Cobras, Nightfall Clan, and The Sky Clan of ROBLOX. Evidence was not released until a week after the document, leading many to wonder how and why the removal of Flaminquo took place. Despite this, Flaminquo came under controversy for the evidence that was revealed, although her supporters stated that the evidence wasn't valid. During the period, RW3e, Chatika, FalloutGFX, shortextrememan321, and TheLastingMillennia began to work on revitalizing UAF along with Bakuganchamp7.

After an investigation done by the Supreme Court, Bakuganchamp7 was put on trial for his actions against Flaminquo and was found guilty of breaking most of the laws in UAF's Fundamental Principles. He was offered a plea deal to step down from the rank of Commander, which he accepted. He stepped down from the position of Commander and handed UAF over to Kroxon, the leader of The Chivalrous Dominance.

Kroxon's Leadership

Kroxon led UAF for the shortest time of any other UAF leader to date, totaling to be only an hour long. Throughout this time, he declared UAF a colony of Edeltia and led UAF to victory at Kopervich. This earned him his nickname as “The Undefeated”, even though he only led UAF through one defense. His leadership had received high praise among UAF members, with emojis being created in the Urban Assault Forces in his memory. Soon after, Kroxon agreed to pass down UAF to it’s true successor, RW3e.

RW3e's Leadership

RW3e, commonly known simply as RW3, began his leadership on 9/3/17. Only two weeks into his administration, Shield Company, colloquially known as SCOMP, threatened UAF’s ally at the time, Electro Legion. Arguments and disagreements soon escalated into war. SCOMP quickly tired of the war, and after a mere two weeks, they surrendered, giving RW3 his one and only war victory. This era also brought the return of UAF’s two historic divisions: Grey Knights and Preliators. Throughout the 5 months in which RW3 reigned, they quickly rose once again to be a formidable fighting force. This era also marked a decisions by ROBLOX themselves that would change the world of C&G forever. In the middle of December, ROBLOX decided to shut down the forums, effectively erasing inconceivable amounts of history, as well as removing a primary method of inter-clan communication. ROBLOX also cracked down on helghast themed groups, effectively deleting one of the sentinels of C&G: the Vaktovian Empire. Naturally, UAF took the victory in the endurance war VAK waged on all.

However, beyond continuing normal functions of UAF and slowly improving from the havoc that the lethargy of the previous administration caused, real lasting contributions from RW3 himself were limited. Marred by mental health issues, packed schedules and poor HICOM communication, RW3 had numerous embarrassments as leader, that eventually caused him to decide that it was truly time for a new leader. He had done enough damage by this time, and it would be best if someone new, a better leader, were to take over. He retired the morning of 1/23/18, yielding command to Chatika.

2018: ???

Chatika's Leadership



The Commanders are those who have lead the glorious Urban Assault Forces throughout the years. This rank was not always known as "Commander" however, UAF still refers to all of their former, current, and future leaders as "Commanders". Here is an up-to-date list of all of UAF's Commanders since its formation in 2010.

  1. Sellethore (Infinitive) [1ST TERM] February 21, 2010 - (7 Months, 28 Days)
  2. XNoBoomX October 19, 2010 - (2 Months, 12 Days)
  3. Sellethore (Infinitive) [2ND TERM] December 31, 2010 - (21 Days)
  4. Lordvader1337 January 21, 2011 - (23 Days)
  5. Donkeyo4  February 13, 2011 - (10 Days)
  6. Benblue9  February 23, 2011 - (7 Months, 15 Days)
  7. MOOJL (DiscoHeaven) [1ST TERM] November 8, 2011 - (3 Months, 22 Days)
  8. Bbal March 1, 2012 - (1 Month, 2 Days)
  9. Shadowsword [1ST TERM] April 3, 2012 - (1 Month, 4 Days)
  10. Clone3102 May 7, 2012 - (19 Days)
  11. OwningDutchMan May 26, 2012 - (2 Days)
  12. Shadowsword [2ND TERM] May 28, 2012 - (1 Month, 12 Days)
  13. MOOJL (DiscoHeaven) [2ND TERM] July 10, 2012 - (9 Months, 2 Days)
  14. Bloxman26  April 12, 2013 - (7 Months, 3 Days)
  15. Falsewarrior000  November 15, 2013 - (2 Years, 8 Months, 23 Days)
  16. MOOJL (DiscoHeaven) [3RD TERM] August 7, 2016 - (5 Months, 14 Days)
  17. Bakuganchamp7 January 22, 2017 - (7 Months, 13 Days)
  18. Kroxon September 3, 2017 - (1 Day)
  19. RW3e September 3, 2017 - (4 Months, 20 Days)
  20. Chatika January 23, 2018 - (Present)

[TERM]- only applies to leaders who have led multiple times, denotes separate periods of leadership.


Divisions are held by Commander Chatika.

Grey Knights

Director of War: General Tsarskoye

Grey Knights is a division composed of the elite swordsmen of Urban Assault Forces, counterpart to UAF's Preliators. Acceptance is Application/Invitation only.



Director of War: General Tsarskoye

Preliators are a division composed of the elite marksmen and most active members of Urban Assault Forces, counterpart to UAF's Grey Knights. Acceptance is Application/Invitation only.


Kopervich Leaks

Kopervich's teaser and official thumbnail for the 2016 remaster.

  • Fort Infinitive - Sellethore
  • Fort Deuce - Tenal, TaaRt
  • Recruitment Center - Sellethore
  • Fort Mettenrich - Sunshine321
  • Fort Bonaparte - Sunshine321
  • Fort Kopervich - Sunshine321
  • Fort Prometheyus - Sunshine321
  • Fort Vorkuta - WannaBet
  • The City - MOOJL, Brickster1234, and TaaRt
  • Fort Aries - Urban Development
  • Fort Sapphire (Deuce 2)- Tenal, TaaRt; retouched by MouldyNukeBombAbs
  • Fort Sapphire: Rainy Day - Bakuganchamp7
  • Fort Sapphire 1.5: The Final Generation - Bakuganchamp7
  • Outpost Genesis (The Genesis Islands) - Phoenix Technologies
  • Fort Sapphire II (Deuce 3) - Phoenix Technologies 
  • Fort Borealis - Rulzalot, ColourTheory, Unclear 
  • Phoenix City - Phoenix Technologies 
  • Recruitment Center II - Phoenix Technologies 
  • Fort Kopervich Redux - Bakuganchamp7 
  • Red Sandstorm - Phoenix Technologies 
  • Stonecarve River Valley (Deuce 4) - Bakuganchamp7 and UrbanPhoenix 
  • Outpost Genesis (Retouched) - Phoenix Technologies 
  • Ashfall - Bakuganchamp7 
  • Stonecarve River Valley (RPG Edition) - Bakuganchamp7, UrbanPhoenix, and GearsOfPower 
  • Kopervich (2016) - Bakuganchamp7 
  • Katyusha (2017) - UrbanPhoenix, DiscoHeaven 


Year Enemy Result Enemy Leader UAF Leader
2010 RAT Victory StealthMatt Sellethore
2010 X-101ST Victory LordNathan Sellethore
2010 UCR Victory Trick555 XNoBoomX
2011 NFC Draw XNoBoomX Lordvader1337
2011 TRC Victory Physics12 Benblue9
2011 APN Loss Bobatheman Benblue9
2011 VAK Loss Vaktus Benblue9
2011 RO-Force Victory porkchops007 Benblue9
2011 TRC Victory Physics12 Benblue9
2011 RAA Draw Synoan Benblue9
2011 VAK Draw Vaktus Benblue9
2011 IL Loss LordNathan Benblue9
2012 RO-Force Victory Porkchops007 MOOJL
2012 UCR Victory TDFall MOOJL
2012 NFC Victory Fighters1234 MOOJL
2012 VL Victory Connorking88 Shadowsword
2012 USM Victory Lumidas Shadowsword
2012 JC Victory Pspjohn1 Shadowsword
2012 X-101ST Victory Pspjohn1 Clone3102
2012 APN Victory Bobatheman Shadowsword
2012 RAA Victory Sasuke Shadowsword
2013 UCR Victory Poisonlava MOOJL
2013 GG Victory EmperorRyan MOOJL
2013 EL Victory Electrifying123 Bloxman26
2013 IF Victory UNKNOWN Bloxman26
2013 BWE Victory EmperorJD Bloxman26
2013 FWC Victory CoejoeTheGreat Bloxman26
2013 VS Draw Mr Qweeba Bloxman26
2013 RoC Victory UNKNOWN Bloxman26
2013 BWE Victory EmperorJD Bloxman26
2013 BWE Victory EmperorJD Falsewarrior000
2013 WIJ Draw SilentSwords Falsewarrior000
2014 RAT Victory Cj10127 Falsewarrior000
2014 BWE Victory EmperorJD Falsewarrior000
2014 EL Victory xMaleden Falsewarrior000
2014 GG Draw EmperorRyan Falsewarrior000
2014 RSF Victory Fruitbox Falsewarrior000
2014 TRA Victory KingConXII Falsewarrior000
2015 VS Victory Imnotaguestimagirl Falsewarrior000
2015 SC Victory Rivalize Falsewarrior000
2015 SF Draw Paul321321 Falsewarrior000
2015 RAA Draw Synoan Falsewarrior000
2015 UCR Victory Growncool7 Falsewarrior000
2015 VAK Draw Vaktus Falsewarrior000
2016 TCD Loss Kroxon Falsewarrior000
2016 CONEX Victory Campy Falsewarrior000
2016 VOID Victory ISOLAYTOR Falsewarrior000
2016 JC Victory SteffJonez Falsewarrior000
2016 TC Victory Tadcool Falsewarrior000
2016 VE Victory CrushingPower Falsewarrior000
2016 NAK Victory EmperorRektus MOOJL
2017 UCR Draw Vertillian Bakuganchamp7
2017 SCOMP Victory Cirivio RW3e


Interesting Facts

  • SunShine321 claims that benblue9 promised her Robux for building Fort Kopervich, but he never paid her after she built it.
  • Despite popular belief, "Pro Patria" isn't an error, but comes from "dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" which was written by Horace.
  • During benblue9's Era, UAF had an anthem: "United forever in friendship and labour, Our mighty republics will ever endure. The great GSC will live through the ages. The dream of a people their fortress secure. Long live our Soverign Motherland, built by the people's mighty hand. Long live our People, united and free. Strong in our friendship tried by fire. Long may our crimson flag inspire, Shining in glory for all men to see. Through days dark and stormy where Infinitive led us Our eyes saw the bright sun of freedom above and Benblue our Leader with faith in the People, Inspired us to build up the land that we love. We fought for the future, destroyed the BTMpire, and brought to our homeland the Laurels of Fame. Our glory will live in the memory of nations and all generations will honour her name!
  • In MOOJL/DiscoHeaven's era UAF ditched the anthem and picked up a rap instead.
  • Fort Sapphire II was the first UAF fort to implement the ROBLOX Player Point (PP) System, offering 150 PP for 5 KOs, up to 35 KOs.
  • The Genesis Islands were the shortest lived of all UAF bases, it was only around for 1 week before being decommissioned. In addition to that, it had about 2 days of activity again during the UAF-TCD war.
  • Sidous25, Decknut200, Bakuganchamp7, Flaminquo, Chatika, and Tntboy2001, are examples of some of the few active members to have been in every era of UAF since it was created by Sellethore all the way to the current era.
  • May 9th, 2016 is considered "No Frostian Day" In Urban Assault Forces, which is the day famous member CALLOFDUTYYGHOST, now known as Mangolizing made us a new UAF Rap and a new propaganda poster
  • MOOJL/DiscoHeaven is the only leader in UAF's history to have three terms leading.
  • Falsewarrior000 currently holds the record for the longest period of time leading UAF: two years and 10 months.
  • Under Commander Bakuganchamp7 a swords only fort was authorized, which came to be known as Katyusha.