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Reason given for delete template: Non-notable user?

User00000008 is a user which was created in 2017. This user has not been online since the day it was created. The user has no place visits. User00000008's place is 'Content Deleted' and if you go In the place it will only be a baseplate. The user has no friends and if you send a friend request it will be delinked by the User. The user is known as a Hacker some people say. Or she might be a spammer. No-one owned the user. And no one used it. DannyDoppy looked at the account and logged into it. DannyDoppy then changed he look into the Roblox Official Clothes and he changed the password into a strong one so nobody can hack into her account. After That, DannyDoppy looked at her game and found out that the game will shut down everytime you go into it.

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