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Month joined November 2007
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Information accurate as of 02/07/2015

Zuka was a young user who joined in late 2007. He is notoriously associated with the urban legend 1x1x1x1. Zuka was an extremely gifted scripter (being only 11-13 years old at the time of his activity) and led one of the first and most prevalent groups at the time, before groups were even a feature, ZukaTech. Zuka was infamous for being extremely stubborn and opinionated, and would often pick fights on the forums with users and even moderators and administrators. He would often get into trouble for completely re-writing scripting help wiki articles on the Roblox Help Wiki into his own view. During the egg drop of April 2008, he found the source script in Telamon's bunny ears that caused the eggs to drop and give users eggs, and gave it away so that others could use it to gain all the eggs, and was consequently deleted afterwards. Zuka returned as Fup in June 2008, and strengthened ZukaTech, but was deleted several times on several accounts for continuous barbs with administrators and moderators over the course of 2008 and 2009.

Zuka has quit ROBLOX and hasn't been on for years, there is Akzu but was pass guessed by Basementt (Aka 2zuka) and Akzu was given to NolandaKing.

NOTICE: FallenEagle is now owned by NVI (Not zuka, and not falleneagle him self either), or he could possibly be so idiotic that he actually got brainwashed by NVI.

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