I've noticed that the number of sockpuppetry accusations the past few days has become extreme, and it feels like more editors are worried about blocking potential sockpuppets than contributing to the wiki. We want editors to feel welcome to contribute to the wiki without scrutiny, but accusing new editors of sockpuppetry isn't very welcoming (who would want to contribute when you're immediately accused of sockpuppetry simply because you posted on the same thread of a sockpuppet?).

If you feel like an editor is a sockpuppet, please contact one of the administrators instead of accusing them in the forums or on their message wall. If we believe that user might be a sockpuppet, we could then contact Wikia's administrators to run the CheckUser extension on the editors in questions. Accusing someone of sockpuppetry through means of other than contacting local administrators (ie: posting on their message wall, the forums, or making a blog post) may result in a block!

tl;dr version: If you're going to act like five year olds, then I'll treat you like five year olds.