This is the list for the rules in Countylife Roleplaying, they are to ensure a safe and serious way of playing in the game without having people to be corruptly disturbed. Rules are taken seriously by all admin groups and or gamemasters. If you have broken any of these rules, its up to the Countylife Department of Jurisdiction to deal with you, a file will be sat up towards you, and if enough evidence is found, action will be taken.


We don't encourage online dating, but we have no policies against it, so ODers will not be taken care of by eventual administrators.

  • RULE 1: Don't ask for VIP, Admin or any other special features, or items. Achieve them yourself without need from a staff member. 
  • RULE 2: No disrespecting of players
  • RULE 3: Admins will respect you the same amount you respect them.
  • RULE 4: No whining or spamming
  • RULE 6: Do not quit the game to avoid prisonment or punishing.
  • RULE 7: Follow admins orders
  • RULE 8: Try as much as you can to not act like a noob.

  • RULE 10No teamkilling, or use of excessive gun violence, dont go around and kill people on a massacre.
  • RULE 11This game is a RP game, meaning you have to roleplay, if you refuse to roleplay when in a situation you will be kicked.
  • RULE 12: No provoking to police chases.
  • RULE 13: Don't try to bug into VIPs if your not VIP, it will cause ban. 
  • RULE 14: No place or item advertising, forcing others to f. ex join your game if you have the ability to it is strictly forbidden.
  • RULE 15: Bribing people to get into VIP is not allowed, neither vice versa.
  • RULE 16: No cheats.
  • RULE 17: No abusive threatening
  • RULE 18: Don't use your vehicle as a weapon, ramming into people, etc.
  • RULE 19: No jaywalking in the towns! - Use the indicated crosswalks.
  • RULE 20: As a cop you're NOT allowed to pull over random people for NO reason. No license checks are allowed, you need a COMPLETE valid reason to pull someone over.


Head of Development - Exorcist998

Lead Administrators - Trey1900, Shmee08

Administrators -  Xzoi, spaceguy2008

Trial Administrators - xpmatrix

Breaking any of these 19 rules will cause punishments, depending on the rule and how harsh it is. For whining, spamming or asking for items for example, you will be kicked, and later ban if you constantly do it. If you disrespect people, and completely disobeying traffic laws and acting like a noob, will cause permanent bans, as this example of behavior is what we don't want at Countylife Roleplaying.



  • How to get a car

First you need to purchase the Driving Permit gamepass, that can be found in the game description for 20 tix. After purchasing it, head over to a car dealership. The standard one is located right next to spawn, with a large sign saying "American Motors", where cars vary in price from 100$ up to 300$, and is ranging from pickup trucks, sedans and middle-class sedans. If you want to purchase utility vehicles or trucks, you need the Heavy Vehicles Permit.

  • How to be police

To be a cop, you firstly need the Law VIP, with that you can be a cop, nurse or a firefighter. It costs 200 tickets and is found in the game description. After purchasing it, go to the police station in Spring Valley or the sheriffs office in Los Cuidos and go inside the garage. Inside, there is a spawner, and numerous givers that give you several police items such as notepads, batons, tazers, etc. And police vehicle spawners.

  • How to be firefighter

You will need Law VIP. There is one location where you can become firefighter, and it is in Spring Valley. The fire department is in the western part of town and is a two-storey red building next to the Valley River, if you came from Rowland Hills, it is the first building you see when entering Spring Valley.

  • How to be a nurse

To become a nurse, you need to have Law VIP, and then go to the Spring Valley Memorial Hospital in Spring Valley.

  • How to be a taxi worker

Taxi job can be found at a yellow building in Spring Valley saying "TAXI" with capital letters on it.

Thanks for reading,

-- Exorcist998, Head of Development 

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