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A username is a unique string of characters which can be used to identify a user on Roblox. Players can select any available username of their choice upon creating an account and can later change it for 1000 Robux.


During the early stages of Roblox, usernames could have spaces in them, such as John Doe and Jane Doe, this feature was later removed on New Year's Day 2008 due to users impersonating other users by using spaces, and using their full names to create their username.

In February 2016, underscores were added back into the allowed list of characters in usernames (the first time since they were initially removed back in 2006).

In 2018, users were prevented from having usernames made up of only numbers. This was to prevent users creating usernames of phone numbers and because Roblox was adding a login by phone number feature. Currently, Roblox usernames can consist of 3-20 characters using letters, numbers and a single underscore ( _ ) which must not be the first or last character of the username.

Changing Usernames

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Users with [ Content Deleted ] in their names, most accounts have been closed after a hacking rumor was created by YouTubers in June 2017.

Originally, users were only allowed to change their names due to either privacy concerns (such as the username being a player's full name) or per request by the moderation team due to the name violating the ROBLOX Terms of Service. If a user did not provide an alternate name, the username would then be changed to [ Content Deleted NUMBER ] for usernames changed prior to 2014 or ResetUserID for names changed after 2014.

A feature released on October 22, 2013, allowed users to voluntarily change their usernames for a 1,000 Robux fee. All usernames that are changed must satisfy all username requirements and policies.

Since Autumn/Fall of 2018, [ Content Deleted ] names have been replaced with [ Account Deleted (NUMBER)]. This has been discovered in October of 2018, through a user following multiple of these names.


Main article: Username/Name sniper

Namesniping is an activity people do to find rare or lucky names only earlier people could get. For example, "Player" is an example of a namesnipe. Most accounts are made for the purpose of taking the name before somebody else can; these accounts are often left inactive or rarely used. Certain groups also have communities that are dedicated to namesniping, which perpetuates the trend. However, this has caused many namesnipe accounts to be terminated, due to users PGing (password guessing) these accounts specially for selling them or showing off in these groups. Usernames with spaces in are usually aimed for.

Special Usernames

Cyrillic Usernames

All the Cyrillic Usernames were reset except one that has been terminated. So, here are the users who used to have a Cyrillic username.

[ Content Deleted ] Usernames

As of now, there are three users with the word "[ Content Deleted ]" in their usernames.

Hashtag Usernames

There is only one user that have a hashtag in the username that is not terminated yet.

Period Usernames

There are currently only 8 users who have periods in their usernames.

The last three accounts on this list were created in 2013, 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Multiple Underscore Usernames

Currently, there are 27 accounts which contain 2 or more underscores.

The last three accounts on this list were created in 2015, 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Underscore First/Last Character Usernames

There are currently only 2 usernames (one been terminated) which consist of either an underscore as the first or last character of the username.

Spaced Usernames

A complete list of spaced usernames from 2006/2007 and a single 2010/2016 account (list contains accounts which start/end with spaces too) (also still checking terminated users).

2 Letter Usernames

Currently, on Roblox, there are no two letter names but which all of them are terminated, but we just put the accounts there so you can rememeber and there are only three two letter accounts that are still here but qa and JJ were terminated and the account named ya was reseted by Roblox.


The last two accounts were created in 2012 and 2016, respectively.

Username Trends

Aside from namesniping, people often use username trends to make a unique name for themselves and still take the idea of namesniping or adding initials before a name. Some username trends go to the idea of online dating.

A list of popular name trends:

  • (Name)Wyd
  • iiomq(Name)
  • Xx(Name)xX
  • xomq(name)
  • (name)HD
  • (name)Daily
  • (name)Gaming
  • (name)Gamer
  • (famous user's name)ALT
  • (name)YT
  • (name)Aourh
  • (name)_(number)
  • ii(Name)
  • ii(name)ii
  • iiOmqitz(name)
  • mlg(name)
  • dantdm(name)
  • dan(name)
  • denisdaily(name)
  • denis(name)
  • roblox(name)
  • (name)123
  • (name)123456789
  • (name)1234567890
  • (name)slayer
  • (name)(number)
  • pro(name)
  • mr(name)
  • i(name)
  • savage(name)
  • (name)savage
  • Itz(name)
  • x(name)
  • miss(name)
  • xx(name)
  • Pusheen(name)
  • (name)(number)
  • IAm(famous user's username)

Username Restrictions

Usernames cannot:

  • have inappropriate phrases in them
  • be all numbers
  • have spaces
  • have 2 or more underscores
  • have more than 20 characters (only achievable via Xbox/iOS related glitches)
  • have less than 3 characters
  • be the same as someone else's username
  • have any special characters in them (e.g. periods, ampersands, etc.)
  • be a banned user's username
  • contain underscores as the first or last character of the username
  • contain any private information about someone

Common Topics in Usernames

  • Movie Characters
  • Game Characters
  • Certain YouTubers
  • Pets
  • Family

December 2016 exploit


A fake "ROBLOX" account created using the exploit. The name of this account changed to Reset190990774 before it was terminated.

In December 2016, there was an exploit where people could make a new account that was the same name a different user, "David " and "David" for example. and people also used this to make 2 letter accounts, such as "pi " and "hi ". This was patched days after the exploit was discovered and all users that were made with the exploit were deleted. At the same time, users were also able to create users with a dash(or hyphen) in their name, e.g. Builder-Guy. All users with dashes in their name got reset.

Usernames with 21+ characters

Username Example

User with 21+ letters.


User with 50 letters.

In Roblox, it is possible to have usernames with 21 or more letters using glitches. These usernames are mostly occurring in Xbox related profiles.

In 2011, an iOS glitch allowed people to create accounts with a username consisting up to 50+ characters

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