A username is a selected name that identifies a player. As of October 22, 2013, users can change their username for 1000 ROBUX. Many names tend to follow popular trends, such as numbers, Xx[Username]xX, etc.

Before an update, you could not have a username with an underscore in it, though some players did have underscores in their name. This was achieved by creating accounts with a real name and then emailing ROBLOX support as a parent and requesting a name change. An example of this can be seen on JJ's profile; an account created in 2012.

An account with a two letter username created in 2016.

Changing Usernames

Originally, users were only allowed to change their names due to either privacy concerns (such as the username being a player's full name) or per request by the moderation team due to the name violating the ROBLOX Terms of Service. If a user did not provide an alternate name, the username would then be changed to [Content Deleted (NUMBER)] for usernames changed prior to 2014 or Reset[UserID] for names changed after 2014.

A feature released on October 22, 2013, allowed users to voluntarily change their name for a 1000 ROBUX fee. All usernames that are changed must satisfy all username requirements and the policies.

Namesniping is an activity people do to find rare or lucky names only earlier people could get. For example, ROBLOX and Player are examples of namesnipes. Most accounts are made for the purpose of taking the name before somebody else can; these accounts are often abandoned. However, some people, like 1337, trucks, Bob, Ded, pill, Troller, ton, and blazee are active within the ROBLOX community.

Username trends

Aside from namesniping, people often use username trends to make a unique name for themselves and still take the idea of namesniping or adding initials before a name. Some username trends go to the idea of online dating.

A list of popular name trends:

  • (Name)Wyd
  • Xx(Name)xX
  • xomq(name)
  • (name)Daily
  • (name)YT
  • (name)Aourh
  • ii(Name)
  • mlg(name)
  • dantdm(name)
  • dan(name)
  • denisdaily(name)
  • denis(name)
  • roblox(name)
  • (name)123
  • (name)123456789
  • (name)1234567890
  • (name)slayer
  • (name)(number)
  • pro(name)
  • mr(name)
  • i(name)
  • savage(name)
  • (name)savage
  • Itz(Name
  • x(name)
  • miss(name)
  • xx(name)

Username Restrictions

Username cannot:

  • have inappropriate phrases in them
  • have spaces
  • have more than 2 underscores
  • have more than 21 characters
  • have less than 3 characters (only achievable via hacks)
  • be the same as someone else’s username
  • have any special characters in them

Common Topics in Usernames

  • Movie Characters
  • Game Characters
  • Certain YouTubers
  • Pets
  • Family
  • Their own Youtube channel name

Usernames with 21+ characters.

In Roblox, it is possible to have usernames with 21 or more letters. These usernames are mostly occuring in Xbox related profiles.
Username Example

User with 21+ letters.


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  • During the early stages of ROBLOX, usernames could have spaces in them, such as John Doe, and Jane Doe, though this feature was later removed during 2007 due to the fact that people could impersonate users by putting a space, and people were putting their real names as their username.
  • In December 2016, there was an "exploit" where people could make a new account that either was the same name a different user, "David " and "David" for an example, and people also used this to make 2 letter accounts, such as "pi " and "hi ". This was patched in the same month it was founded and all users that were made with the exploit were deleted.
  • A lot of users created alt accounts to make a lot of users.