The Catalog is where you go to buy anything and everything on Roblox! At the top is a big search bar to find what you're looking for, and keep an eye out for new Unique Limited items! Remember that the Catalog has a lot of pages. Don't see what you want? Scroll down and hit Next at the bottom of the page.

Catalog page

The biggest market in Roblox!

Catalog sort

Sorting made easy!

Sorting the mess

We've got quite the stock for you. With over 2,000 featured items, and over a million user-made models there is a lot of stuff to sift through. Fortunately, we make it easy for you!

Search bar

At the very top of the Catalog there's a search bar right there for you to use. If you know the name of what you want just toss it right in there. Keywords of titles and descriptions of items can be searched for here as well.

Browse Sections

This search option let's you narrow down what you want to look for in a general view.

  • ROBLOX Featured. These are items that are made by Roblox.
  • Top Favorites. The items with the most favorites.
  • Best Selling. The items that have sold the most within a given period of time.
  • Recently Updated. The most recently created or changed items.
  • For Sale. The items, organized by their price.
  • Free Items. Items not created by Roblox.
  • Collectible. Limited Items that aren't sold anymore but can be purchased from other users, or haven't sold out yet.
  • Sets. Used for searching for sets.


This search option lets you pick what type of item you can look for. There are many different types of items. To clear a few things up, there are only certain types that people can make.


Once you've picked something other than 'Featured' items you can see the Time that those items came to be. Select Best Selling and then All Time, see which items have sold the most in all of Roblox history.


When you select For Sale you're given another search option, Currency. This lets you select exactly how much you want to spend on an item. Pick the type of currency, Robux or Tickets, and then put in how little and how much you want to spend. Hit Apply and it'll give you a list of the items that fit your budget.

Limited, Limited Unique, and BC Only Items

Keep an eye out for those Limited and Limited Unique items!


Limited Items are those which were once sold by Roblox and will not be sold again. Users who own these items can re-sell them to other users for the price of their choice.

Limited Unique

Limited Unique Items are sold by Roblox until they run out (we could release, say, 100 of a certain hat.) When you buy these, they are stamped with a serial number (i.e. 7 / 100) that shows which one you got.

Once these items run out, they can also be sold to other users like Limited items.

BC Only

These are items that only members with BC and up can buy. An example of this would be the BC Skateboard.

TBC Only

These are items that only members with TBC and up can buy. An example of this would be the TBC Skateboard.

OBC Only

These are items that only members with OBC can buy. An example of this would be the OBC Skateboard.