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Disclaimer: Although there are many different stories, videos, images, and even ROBLOX games out there that resemble Vault 8166, take into consideration that it may just be fan-made . So if you happen to disclose one thing out there related to this category a "hoax" then it wouldn't be wise to conclude that there is no Vault 8166 out there unless you have legitimate proof. Otherwise, make sure to use this information carefully.


Screenshot footage of the Vault 8166 incident.

Vault 8166 is a conspiracy based around a secret ROBLOX server operated by scammers, hackers, and exploiters on ROBLOX. This alleged server is also referred to as "a Secret Hacker Facility" or "the Area 51 of Roblox". The origin of the name has not been figured out, but theories suggest it may be a metaphor to "containment of hackers". The server itself cannot be accessed through any game page in the ROBLOX website, including the search tab. There is also no exact link to Vault 8166, as it does not have a profile page. Anyone who goes has the potential to gain access to certain information on the ROBLOX website. The programmers at Vault 8166 are also said to be responsible for the creation of some modern-day exploits, which have the ability to mess with gameplay just like any other exploit. It is still unconfirmed if Vault 8166 is real or not; only time will tell.


  • Vault 8166 was most likely formed in late 2012.
  • 8166 happens to be the first four letters of 1x1x1x1's user id.
  • Going even deeper, users can find that 8166 actually translates to "haff" when they put the alphabet together in number order.

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