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Although there are many different stories, videos, images, and even ROBLOX games out there that resemble Vault 8166, take into consideration that it may just be fan-made. So if you happen to disclose one thing out there related to this category a "hoax" then it wouldn't be wise to conclude that there is no Vault 8166 out there unless you have legitimate proof. Otherwise, make sure to use this information carefully.

Screenshot footage of the Vault 8166 incident.

Vault 8166 is a conspiracy based around a secret ROBLOX server operated by scammers, hackers, and exploiters on ROBLOX. This alleged server is also referred to as a "Secret Hacker Facility" or the "Area 51 of Roblox". The origin of the name is not really known, but it most likely means "containment of hackers". The server itself cannot be accessed through any game page in the ROBLOX website, including the search tab. There is also no exact link to Vault 8166, as it does not have a profile page. Not everyone, but many people that go there have the potential to either get access to anything on the ROBLOX website, or put their account(s) at risk. The programmers at Vault 8166 are also said to be responsible for the creation of some modern-day exploits, which have the ability to mess with gameplay just like any other exploit.

Ironically, even though the name sounds as if it is referring to a literal vault, it actually isn't a vault. Vault 8166 contains a large map, lurking with the most powerful hackers on ROBLOX. The map is base-like, with a variety of different hallways and passages to different areas and rooms. The map doesn't seem to show any signs of having an outside of the base. Going there could be putting yourself at risk, let alone even talking about it publicly. Which probably explains why users that go there have hidden name tags (unless the account they are using is an ALT, but again it can put all of your accounts at risk). A rumor has it that being caught going there will result in an IP ban. A lot of "leaked" evidence pointing to this facility has surfaced in the past. But most of it has either been deleted without explanation, or strangely disappeared.

However, not just anyone can get onto Vault 8166. It requires a special software to find the exact server. When located, it actually is referred to as "server 8166". The software is believed to be located somewhere on a website called v3rmillion, but the page or software link has yet to be found.


The creation of Vault 8166 dates back to late 2012 (possibly December). Its history isn't much known, but one thing we know is that there must be a source updating the server along with its map as time passes by (no, it isn't the same running server all the time). But when ROBLOX creates new updates, it is seen as a threat. There have been few hints in the past pointing to a secret server. But, ever since the basic story of this secret facility was smuggled out Vault 8166 in early November of 2016, it imposed danger to all who even try to leak it from the source. The main operators of Vault 8166 are said to threaten all who even think of sharing anything about what they saw.

First leaked footage

Scary Roblox vault 816600:10

Scary Roblox vault 8166

Vault 8166 "recovered" footage

This video was originally uploaded in November 2016 on YouTube, but later removed by the user for an unknown reason. Luckily, on January 27, 2017, it was recovered. The two users in this video resemble a common hacker/exploiter look. Then, a skinny creature with a blurred face comes out of nowhere and attacks them. The figure that attacked these users may have just been another hacker trying to scare them off.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Vault 8166 was most likely formed in late 2012.
  • 8166 happens to be the first four letters of 1x1x1x1's user id, the entire user id is 8166491.
  • 8166 actually translates to "haff" when they put the alphabet together in number order.
  • The server doesn't have a game profile page, which makes it harder to locate.
  • Anyone who is able to operate into Vault 8166 will hide their username and identity, so it is not exactly known who has been there.
  • The rumor of Vault 8166 broke out around the time period of November 2016.
  • Multiple videos of incidents can be found by a YouTube user named File.
  • There have been many fan-made games trying to re-create the base, along with a fan group with 7,000 members.
  • Usually, fan-made Vault 8166 assets use a John Doe figure with red eyes to represent Vault 8166.
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