Vella Resort and Spa is both the largest resort and spa group on ROBLOX, having more than 90,000 members. It was founded by AviateRblx on March 26, 2016. It is a fictional Italian luxurious resort located on the coast of Italy.

It is also known for being exploited many times in the past.

Staff Rank Information

Trainee: Always and only works at the reception desk, and improves in their rank.

Reception: Officially a receptionist, who can help teach trainees what to do.

Bar Tender: Can work at either the reception or bar, but past only working at reception.

Customer Service: Can rank amazing staff, and comes up with solutions to problems at the hotel in server.

Interviewers in Training: Can learn from interviewers how to interview robloxians, but can promote people at the hotel who are doing great.

Interviewers: Officially an interviewer, who can promote at an interview session, or at the hotel.

Supervisors: Has authority over all [SR] and [MR] ranks, and can promote/demote anyone who does/doesn't comply to rules. Can host training sessions as well.

Managers: Manages the hotel with admin, keeps the hotel all straight, can host interview and training sessions.

Board of Directors: The most impressive ranks, has authority over all ranks, may host meetings if needed, training and interview sessions, and can basically do anything as this is as far as you can go.

[SECURITY BRANCH] Only applies for security, uses mod to keep the hotel secure, reports to admins for a ban of a player in server.


Interview Center :

Training Facility: