Veloxic Empire (initialized as VE) is the fourth largest war group on ROBLOX and is one of the most active clans on ROBLOX.  During Swordy's rule, the group was not as popular as the group is now. After a little while, the group changed hands quite a bit. Clasimo, (AKA DangerTheZone/Onur), took leadership and the group rapidly grew to 30,000 members. Within 8 months, the group had reached 100,000 members. Veloxic Empire is currently under the leadership of CrypticXII, who is working on reputation and military advancements. VE is growing in skill and quantity. CrypticXII, along with his Council are in the midst of an upcoming Golden Age of Veloxic Empire.



CrushingPower, Leader of VE.

Veloxic Empire was led by Clasimo, Clasimo exploited the Front page to get members and Visits. he was ultimately a clan leader from the start. With his alts taking over because of him being banned, the leadership of Onur was difficult. Leadership of the group was tossed around to many people, until ActiveDuty saved it. ActiveDuty eventually went into service for our country. He is now known as Politcal_Justice. After going to the force, Political_Justice handed the group over to CrushingPower, who now owns and leads the group. He mainly develops, while his Council enforce the rules of VE. Nixronized then took over for around a few weeks, but he had to focus on school work, therefore handing back the group to CrushingPower, who at that time changed his name to CrushingDev. Right now, Veloxic Empire is thriving to be one of the greatest clans of ROBLOX ever.


These ranks have been updated as of November 23rd, 2017

Low Ranks:

LR1 | Recon

LR2 | Paldin

LR3 | Sentry

LR4 | Auxiliary

LR5 | Vanguard

LR6 | Centurion

LR7 | Legionary

Academy Students:

AC1 | Apprentice

AC2 | Imperial

Allied and Decommissioned High Commands:

[-] Legatus

[-] Honors

High Ranks:

HR1 | Tribunus

HR2 | Commodore

HR3 | Justicar

HR4 | Brigadier

High Command:

HC1 | Consul

HC2 | Executive

[K] Kadis Technologies

[C] Chancellor


These are the official divisions of Veloxic Empire. These divisions have been approved by the Director to garnish Veloxic Empire's name. Any groups not on this list are not official Divisions of the Veloxic Empire. 

Crusaders of Cordelia

Crusaders of Cordelia are the current elites of Veloxic Empire. These are prestigious members willing to defend the Banner of Veloxic Empire. These members participate in scrimmages to earn respect as a trusted division.

Crusaders of Cordelia consists of the most loyal and elite fighters Veloxic Empire has to offer. They all are here to reach their own moral goal. They are sworn to protect Veloxic Empire at all costs. Only the best will be accepted.

Director: LavaCreeperROBLOX

Co-director: WarmTranquility



Director - ColdTranquility

Auxiliary Officer - loupop32

//:Squad Leaders- Crookest, RandomBreaker, TyrantsRage, Queen_Yakusa

Alpha [Terminal Room] Squad Leader:

Beta [HQ Gate] Squad Leader:

Delta [Battlefield] Squad Leader:

Bravo [Spawn-trapping] Squad Leader:


Veloxic Empire: Kingsmen Logo


Base: Fort Liberal

Fort Liberal is the current VE Fort as of December 2016

Rules: (Not all may be listed.)

  • - No Autowins (Unless deemed fit.)
  • - No Flaming
  • - No Spawnkilling
  • - No uniform raiding
  • - There must be at least 6 VE and 1 VE HR and 3 raiders to raid.
  • - No Pre-flooding with more than 20 members
  • - There can only be 30 raiders at one time

Note: This may be different during war times.




X_erios (Swordy): Updated this whole wiki on Veloxic Empire.

iRich179: Editing this page and gives X_erios the typos he needs to fix.

LordJrock: Adds minor updates

Time Spent: 9 1/2 Hours.

♆Viva La Veloxia!♆

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