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Not to be confused with View-Master (a trademark name of a line of special-format stereoscopes).

View-Master (Virtual Reality) is a developer-made sponsored ROBLOX event, sponsored by View-Master.

In order to obtain the prize, players must have had to get all of the three badges in three different games.


Item Image How to Obtain
Destinations View-Master Destinations View-Master Buy it in the catalog for 1 tickets.
Space View-Master Space View-Master Buy it in the catalog for 1 tickets.


The games which the event took place are; Hide and Seek Extreme, World Expedition and Dodgeball.


These were the prizes you could obtain through playing the different games, you have to complete/find them.

Prize Image Prize Name How to Obtain Prize Type Game

View Master: You Found the Lion!

This item will spawn randomly in Hide and Seek Extreme Badge Hide and Seek Extreme
Viewue of Liberty Found. This item is found in Venice, Italy (you take boarding pass A and in gate A you enter Gate 5) Badge World Expedition
Viewmaster: You found the spaceship! When a player is knocked out this badge will drop Badge Dodgeball


  • After the View-Master event ended, players who received all three badges before November 30 won a prize.
  • There was a mistake where the prize was put on sale in the Catalog for 1 ticket for a few minutes, ROBLOX however quickly put it back offsale.