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Not to be confused with the 2016 ROBLOX Universe and Voltron: Legendary Defender events.

Voltron Universe was a sponsored event which began on July 27, 2017, and ended on August 10, 2017. It sponsored the Netflix animated series Voltron: Legendary Defender, like the previous year's event of the same name. The event held seven prizes: four accessories plus three gear items, which were obtainable in the games TNT Rush, Moon Tycoon, and Flood Escape. If users earned each prize before the end of the event, they would receive an exclusive back accessory on August 15.


Item Game Image Objective
Top of the Universe TNT Rush
Win any three rounds of TNT Rush.
Blade of Marmora TNT Rush
Collect all 4 bayards before fighting in the boss round against Prince Lortor.
AstroPax Moon Tycoon
Collect 4 or more moon bricks, go to the side of the map in a cave to place the blocks into a bridge and collect the item.
Hunk’s Energy Cannon Moon Tycoon
Collect 4 bayards in a series of missions and present them to the Black Lion on the side of the map.
Lance’s Energy Blaster Flood Escape
Play any round of Flood Escape and get captured into Prince Lotor's portal into the Coalition Outpost. Collect all 4 bayards and escape before time runs out.
M3G4 Bot Flood Escape
When you enter the Coalition Outpost, go underneath the platform you are standing on after being spawned and enter under the stairs, get through the obstacles and collect the black bayard.

Grand Prize

Name Image How to Obtain
Wings of the Black Lion
Get all event prizes within the deadline.


  • On the first day of this event, there was a chance that you would not be awarded Hunk's Energy Cannon. The game would think you already owned it, so it wouldn't do the event again, meaning you would not get rewarded the prize. Later, ROBLOX sent out an apology message to users who experienced this error and gave them the Energy Cannon.
  • There was a leaked Voltron Hood that should have been an event prize but it was moved to Voltron Robot Buliding Contest.


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