NOTE: Due to the last rank and training reforms (More info in history page) The page will get a msasive update soon.

Vortex Special Ops is a super clan and a war group, with about 54,000 members. Founded around 2010 by Shain1, VSO is one of the most well-known clans in ROBLOX.

Vortex Special Ops gained almost all of its members the VIP recruitment method, which is where people gain VIP for a game by joining the clan. The game VSO used is DANGERTIM122 's Build to Survive the Zombies. Today general stopped the VIP Recruitment and gained his members by recruiting. VSO Members are almost in the beginning was made of vortex security members, but then became a super-clan (more info in history page).


VSO Had started as a Vortex Security squad, made by general's old account, Shain1 . When around 300 VS joined, the general got exiled from VS for unknown reasons and kept the squad blank. Around 2011, general wanted to be in a super-clan again, but didn't quite know which to join. So, he turned Vortex Security Squad into VORTEX SPECIAL OPS! He recruited some of the members using DANGERTIM122 's Build to Survive the Zombies game to recruit members. They hit 20k members in their first year. Shain1 used free models (he used RIC's HQ as VSO's HQ), which caused a lot of crictism on C&G 'World on ROBLOX.'


In 2012, They started their first war on The VOX Empire, a old 30k clan leaded by Voxhall, the leader, which known as his famous tycoon, Star Wars tycoon, and PeerPants, the second in command that turned soon into a hacker and got his account IP - banned. VSO had won The VOX empire on a score of 6-4 (6 wins to VSO and 4 wins to VOX Empire.) PeerPants and Voxhall shut the clan down ultimately due to rage on losing on the war. In july 2012, on the mobile bloxxers war and raid on VSO, generals tell them to go away for a while, and then they wait and then general leaves the game. Jordandog100, a VSO CPT, Sees he was banned and takes over the clan for a while to continue the duties. There are theories that generals had been banned by a hacker, banning him, there are also theories that he seen disobeying rules of ROBLOX and insulting a raider by calling them obscenities. but mostly is the theory of the hacker. General made a new account known as VSOGeneralShain1 and waited until he gets BC again and he will get VSO Again, currently in that time, jordandog100 promoted general to LT-Gen until he gets BC. The ban caused a lot of VSO members being feared being leaderless. In august 2012, due to being guyalf1's exile,one of the goodest VSO members and HR, VSO members started a riot. a ex-colonel which admin abused and got exiled cause of that told lies about guyalf1 (guyalf1 reported the ex-COL) to general, what made guyalf1 exiled. Alot of VSO Members started a riot to return guyalf1 into VSO, cause of him doing nothing. bescause of this happening, general started a massive exile session and he exiled around 150 members who did the riot.


In October 2013, general hits 40k soldiers in VSO. Then he announces on C&G Forum in ROBLOX that he will stop being "so copyish" and will stop using other clan's models. Two new divisions were createdTechnicianshnicans and VSO Naval Forces. In April, he finally allowed guyalf1 return to, because he didn't believed the EX-COL. He needed EX-VSO's help to make VSO alive again, so soon he becomes a captain again. In the month of August, VSO hits the "top 10 clans" leaderboard, which made them show in the first page of clans. In September, Gaster1234567890, The creator of Rancor Battlion joins VSO and starts RB as a squad. In December, Shain makes a new military clan named "Pakistan Millitary".


In April 2014, Shain makes an April Fools joke by making a fake new fort which is under construction and makes it on public. The description said -

"A small pretty island in the middle of no where. Lots of vegetas and gangnam styles of all types roam free. A perfect tourist attraction for those who want to get MLG scoped, blown to bits by a bomb/grenade, get caught in the cross fire of enemy forces, and those who are so tired of their kids they want to feed them to the wild pink sheeps. This is sparta!!!!!" When the players entered the game, they got an April Fools message, and there was a hidden GUI giver that gave the name of the upcoming fort - WARZONE NATHIA GALI! It also had the thumbnail of the famous "Y U WAT" meme.

In July, VSO finally releases Warzone Nathia Gali, which had a lot of good comments about the fort and in october VSO hits 50k members.


On February 2015, Shain promotes Justwaggerit as LT-Gen (and 3rd in command). He later was exiled because of s MASS kicking session. The general finally promotes guyalf1 to CPT back, which made a lot of VSO happy.


Around February 2016, VSO releases the most advanced base that was ever made for VSO named Warzone Kahagan V2 or Warzone K2. This fort had a huge collaboration, including coolsniper150, one of the best F3x builders currently on ROBLOX and a lot of new scripters who joined VSO to help. Around September, Shain finally returns after long inactivity of having a lot of exams and more reasons. Also, he releases a new fort called THAR Warzone. In October, the General promoted coolsniper150 to Lieutenant-General, making him 3rd in command of VSO. Also, a group of hackers named Team CORE started to attack VSO, and they told that they will not stop until general puts their leader's statue in the fort. Team CORE started to threaten to hack the General. VSOGeneralShain1 private messaged ROBLOX Admins and no response has been sent. As of November, CORE has stopped attacking and a new HQ was released. Now, RIC, better known as the Roblox Infantry Corps, have been raiding VSO almost daily.


At the end of Janurary 2017, The 3rd in command, Coolsniper got a message from Colonel De_Elite. Except, That was De_Elite's brother. He messaged coolsniper that De_Elite died in real life due to illness. Many groups prayed for VSO for their big loss and they stopped the critcism fully. But there are still people who complain that VSO is full of kids, Mostly exiled members. Some time after the death, Some EXs create alt accounts like "VSODeservedDeath", "DeEliteDeserved" and more. The accounts had been banned from roblox, including the creator. Also, team CORE Had stopped hacking VSO's base, since their leader got Perm-Banned from ROBLOX. In the end, It seems like that de_elite had didnt died at all, she was in a deep sleep and now she is blind.

At feburary 2017, 2 weeks after De_Elite's death, General creates a new promotion system. Privates, must pass a test & must patrol HQ for 1 Hour to get promoted, PFCs must attend training and get "promotion-credits" to be promoted. They can attend bootcamp too, But they need to patrol HQ after the training.

As said in the end of the page "Janurary 2017", It seems that in april 2017 De_Elite wasn't dead at all, She was in a deep sleep & cause of the deep sleep, She got blind.

In may 2017, The general makes a massive reform - He adds five new ranks and creates some new rules.


Vortex Special Ops' ranks are military-based and used to be earned through Knockouts in training at the group's training place,their Bootcamp for various ranks. VSO also has divisions which have specific division training for just the division.

Private is the lowest rank, as an entry level rank, and has the most members at over 50,000. According to the group guide, they must obey all orders given by higher ranks except Private First Class. To get the rank's promotion, PVTs must pass a test hosted by a CPT+, and if passed the simple test, they would be promoted.

Private First Class is the next rank, and the rank does not have any significant differences, and must be earned by getting 25 Knockouts in training.

Corporal is the third rank, and is earned by getting 75 Knockouts in training. As stated in the group guide, they are allowed to create and lead squads with 2 other members, but must be lower than this rank.

Sergeant is the final low rank, and is earned by getting 150 Knockouts in a training, and passing a boot camp training. They can form a larger squad than corporals with up to 4 other members lower than the rank Sergeant, and unlike Corporals, they have authority over Privates.

Lieutenant is considered a middle rank, and is earned by getting 200 Knockouts in training, complete a boot camp training, and also having VSOGeneralShain1's trust. They can also be in the Airborne division of Vortex Special Ops, and can ask for permission to use aircraft. They have a responsibility of limited authority over low ranks when there are no High Ranks online, and can form squads with up to 10 low ranks.

Captain is the first High Rank of Vortex Special Ops. Unlike previous promotions, this rank is earned through being appointed by VSOGeneralShain1 or his brother(LT Gen. LegendaryShain1) who usually picks the most active Lieutenant. They have admin commands in training but not within forts, and they have full authority over lower ranks including Lieutenants. They also get access into the High Rank division of the group, which gives them upgraded versions of the weapons used in the forts. Captains can also form very large squads with 20 Low Ranks or Lieutenants.

Colonel is the 3rd Highest Rank in Vortex Special Ops. Colonels are appointed through being active like Captains, but this is enforced to a higher level. Colonels can promote and demote members without permission from VSOGeneralShain1, they have admin, and have a slight authority over Captains. The squad size difference from Captains is not large, being able to have up to 23 members below the rank of Colonel.

Lieutenant General, referred to as Commander in the group guide, does not have much difference from the rank Colonel. The rank was a gift to the biggest contributor to Vortex Special Ops, Proevil. It is also used as the rank of VSOGeneralShain1's alt, LegendaryShain1 or by his strict brother. Then on July 9th 2015 Colonel justwaggerit, Shain's second most trusted officer, received this rank as being the most active VSO. Until he got exiled for being inactive and possible admin abuse. What set it off was the mass demotions of Lt's without the Generals authorization. This rank is obtainable if you are extremely active and appointed by the General, and can have up to 55 other members in a squad lower than Lieutenant General. ProEvil is known to be only active for administration of VSO.

General is the leader of Vortex Special Ops. The current General is VSOGeneralShain1, and has all the powers of Lieutenant General. The General does not create Squads, using the group itself as the "Squad". For a time, Jordandog100, VSOGeneralShain1's most trusted High Rank, was temporarily made General until VSOGeneralShain1 got Builder's Club and finally took back the rank. Shain1, the original founder of the group, was banned forever due to his account being compromised.


Vortex Special Ops has 4 divisions that require certain ranks.

Vortex Special Ops: Airborne is the 1st division, which is a special air force position given to Lieutenants. Lieutenants however can get kicked from this division for disobeying orders and not acting as a lieutanent. Lieutenants are required to go to the VSO:A training held by a COL+. It does not have much difference from the main division, but gives access to aircraft in both Vortex Special Ops' HQ and Outpost Bakkarah. VSO:A is only allowed for Lt+.

Vortex Special Ops: High Ranks is the 2nd division, being the division High Ranks are in, containing Vortex Special Ops members at the ranks of Captain, Colonel, Lieutenant General, and the General. Some of the High Ranks have admin at Warzone K2. They ban hackers if they have enough evidence, KOS(Kill on sight) EX-VSO members, and have the authority to jail them.

Vortex Special Ops: Naval Forces is the 3rd division, and also has many members, having strict rank requirements as well, and has Vortex Special Ops members at almost all ranks except Private. It is the only division not founded by VSOGeneralShain1(or Shain1), but by a former High Rank in Vortex Special Ops. It was later taken over by VSOGeneralShain1 as an official division.

Vortex Special Ops: Rancor Battalion is the 4th division and also has the most member's, Having more strict requirements, and has Vortex Special Ops member's at all rank's including Private. It is one Division not founded by VSOGeneralShain1 (or Shain1) but by a former High Rank in Vortex Special Ops. It was later taken over by VSOGeneralShain1 as an official division, which was run by gaster123456789 until his account was banned and he started VSOCaptainGaster, who was later exiled in 2015, when he started Shadow Operation Specialist and refused to Exile the VSO member's who joined his group.

Vortex Special Ops: Technicians is the 5th division. It doesn't have any rank requirements, but it does require that you have skills in Lua Script Writing and/or Roblox Studio building. It's currently owned by VSOGeneralShain1, but is managed by his Head Technician coolsniper150. This division is for the technical advancements in VSO, and generally manages the guns and main scripts of VSO. There are several levels of technicians, Basic, advanced, and normal.

Outpost Bakkarah

Outpost Bakkarah is the replacement of the previous outpost, Outpost Arctic. It is not used as a raiding base currently. Instead, it is used for VSO: Rancor Battalion training center.

THAR Warzone

Thar warzone, Is the new 2017 Base of VSO. Made by General Shain and VSO's 3rd in command, coolsniper150, with additional buildings by guyalf1.

Part 2 of this page is WIP!

Pakistan Military

Pakistan Military (in short: PM) is a new upcoming military clan, made by general himself. This is currently with 300 members and its growing very good. This is allied to VORTEX SPECIAL OPS as well.

Currently, Its incharge leader is TheCaptainSam (, A VSO Sergeant (soon LT) and a Brigadier in the Pakistan Military.The General Hired him to lead PM when he is inactive due to real studies.

In wars they won against the India army (5 wins) and no wars currently.

PM's rulebook:


Vortex Special Ops has formerly been at war with the following groups:

  • Mobile Bloxxers
  • The Raven Empire
  • The VOX Empire
  • The Robloxian Army
  • Roblox Assault Association
  • Frost Clan
  • United States Military (Auto win due to hacking)
  • Roblox Night Wing
  • Military Special Forces
  • The United States Army (Claimed auto-win based on cheating)
  • India Army (assisting PM)
  • Nmerdo's Crew (Autowin due to false-war delarcion)

Old Crictism on VSO

VSO had got a lot of critcism in ROBLOX, The first reason is that VSO had copied many models including RIC's HQ and alpha authority's outpost. The second reason is the unskilled people inside VSO, that couldnt defeat a horde of raiders, and third is that VSO is full of kids, since it doesn't matter. In around 2014 the crictism had stopped halfly.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

-One of the oldest forts named Headquarters Base Kenway is named after Connor Kenway from the Assassin's Creed series of video games published by Ubisoft. It confirms that the general likes the game "Assassins Creed" games.

-Warzone K2 is also the joint base of VSO and PM.

-One of the most hugest wars is against The VOX Empire, a old clan that were around 2011-2012 with 30k members. VSO had won them, and then because of the win, The leaders, PeerPants and Voxhall shut down the clan due to rage.

-VSOCaptainGaster, were known as gaster123456789, is an EX-CPT of VSO. He was the founder of Rancor Battalion, that was given later to VSOGeneralShain1. Around the end of 2014 he got banned for raging on some raiders that raided VSO. And on 2015 he were known as VSOCaptainGaster. On the start of September 2015 he got exiled for making a clan named Shadow Operation Specialist and recruiting VSO members. General asked him to remove the VSO members but he refused. Today, He is known as ShadowGeneralGaster, who retired from Roblox for awhile due to problems. (No, he's not from

-In around October 2015 - January 2016 VSO Members couldnt partol in HQ cause of a lockdown in HQ, due to a hacker team from V3rmillion having a hit on VSO. It's main leaders were king_booty (perviously known as FluttershyRyoku) , which copied a lot of famous places and made 35k players play it, and were known also as one of the best Bait n' switch users and MtnDewInc.

- There are theorys that the hacker who hacked Shain1 was the hacker who hacked 1dev2.

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