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War tycoons are a type of tycoon game that include fighting other players while maintaining one's individual tycoon.


The simpleness to design and ability to gain knockouts made war tycoons in high-demand throughout the early years of ROBLOX. As ROBLOX evolved, games became more complex; this resulted in a decline war tycoons' popularities through 2012. Black Ops Tycoon, made by CoolJonnyboy, was a notable exception to this decline.


Considering it falls into the "war" genre, you'll be equipped with weapons. This isn't necessary as in some versions, you'll need to earn in-game cash to purchase better gear. Also, since a tycoon is basically the script building for you, in a war tycoon, you'll probably be able to build your own military base of some sort.

Common War Tycoons

War tycoons are typically categorized into two types: Free-for-all and team tycoons. In Free-for-all tycoons, no teams are present, and users could fight and ally with any user. Team tycoons, on the contrary, dictated who a user must ally or fight with.