In addition to talking to your ROBLOX friends in games, you can also chat with them right on the ROBLOX website! On top of that, you can create your own virtual party where you can chat with specific groups of your friends that can then follow each other into games.

Web Chat Basics

When you log into ROBLOX, you'll see a blue chat box located in the lower-right corner of the screen. Click this box to reveal the chat menu as seen in the image above. Here you'll have a list of your friends, groups and parties. To start chatting, simply click on the desired person/group/party in your list. If the list is particularly long, you can search it using the search box.

Chat Example


After clicking on who you would like to talk to, a smaller box will pop up to the left of your chat list. Here you can type a message into the 'Send a Message' box. When you're done, hit the Enter key on your keyboard to send it. You can hide or unhide a conversation by clicking on the blue title bar. To close it all together, click its X icon.

Group Chat

Sometimes you and several of your friends may all wish to participate in a conversation together. In that case, you can start a group chat. To do this, click the 'Create Chat Group' button at the top of the chat list. This will open up a box that looks like the left-most image above. Click on the name of any users you would like to include, and, when everyone has been selected, click the blue Invite button.

Chat Group


This will then open a box that looks like the right-most image above and the conversation can proceed as normal. Simply type in what you would like to say into the 'Send a Message' box and hit Enter on your keyboard to send it. You can invite a max up to 5 friends for a party chat.


A party is a group of players that will follow each other into games. To create a party, first start a group conversation using the steps in the section above. After doing so, click the green button with a controller to invite the members to participate. The party creator can then click the Find Game button to open up the page. Once a game has been selected, the creator can then start playing it at which point all party members will be teleported in as well.



Leaving a Group or Party

If you are a part of a group/party and you would like to leave it, this can be done easily. All you need to do is click the green gear (similar to the settings icon) icon at the top of the conversation box followed by Leave Group/Party.