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There are a bunch of different customizations you can make on the ROBLOX website that will change how your page looks and feels. These customizations are called themes.

How do I change them?

Changing themes is simple. First, you go to your account section in your ROBLOX page.

You then look for something that looks like the picture on the right.
Wiki themes

Themes section of Account page.

You have three immediate themes available to your selection. The default theme is ROBLOX 3.0. There are two extra themes available to only Outrageous Builders Club members.

Below is a chart which displays the themes and specifications about them.

Theme Pros Cons
  • New look and feel
  • Dynamic Header Image
  • Images instead of blocky look
  • Takes longer time to load
Outrageous 2.0 (OBC Only)
  • New look and feel
  • Unique, black background compared to the standard user's blue background.
  • Loads relatively faster than ROBLOX 3.0
  • Only available for Outrageous Builders Club members.
  • Not available


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  • Although the OBC theme isn't currently available, it is still available via ROBLOX+.
Bandicam 2016-06-11 15-08-51-296

The website as it currently appears using the OBC theme.

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