There are lots of customizations you can make to you ROBLOX Home page, making it suit you the right way.

How do I change my theme?

ROBLOX don't have an official way to change your theme directly though the website anymore, but there is a workaround to this. If you use the Chrome browser, you can install an extension called ROBLOX+ which will automatically connect to ROBLOX. You can then go to the control panel and choose the right theme. There are two free themes (Regular and OBC) and two paid themes (Darkblox and Easter) which you can get by purchasing a VIP server on Roblox+ Hub (costs 250 ROBUX). Below are pros and cons of the two free themes.

Theme Pros Cons

- Loads the fastest as it's the stock them

- Quite plain


- New look and feel

- Eye-catching design of shapes around the outside

Takes slightly longer to load


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  • Although the OBC theme isn't currently available, it is still available via ROBLOX+.
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The website as it currently appears using the OBC theme.