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The "Police Station" is a law enforcement area in "Welcome to the Town of Robloxia". It is located on the outskirts on the southern-eastern side of the map, south of the suburban area. The police station is somewhat interactive as it contains a jail cell, that can be locked and unlocked by anyone. The job that involves the police station are "Police Officer", "Criminal" and "Prisoner".


The building itself, is located on the town's outskirts, right behind the southern section of the residence and west of the railway track. It is also beside a few power poles spreading throughout the town.


The building is grey, with blue strips on windows on the front side. It has a wall on the left side with red lining above resembling a prison yard. On the pavement, there are three lighting poles. On the right side there are 2 dumpsters. There is also a garage on the left face of the police station which also leads into the building. The garage leads to a parking lot. A sedan police car can be spawned in the parking lot while an SUV can be


spawned in the garage. In the entrance, you'll see a blue waiting couch on the left side and two grey doors on the right side. Both of them lead to an office for filing reports. Further, there is a jail cell that can be open and closed by anyone. The cell includes a toilet and a sink, a door leading to the prison yard.

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