What Happened? Back in 2016 as many of you know, the most popular WWII group was USM 1940's Owned by Abienno Fernandez (A Business person more then a Military person) Abienno Had many groups in a wide assortment of communities, he began in the WWII community with USM, it grew powerful over the months and Abienno Must've liked this power because he then began to attack major WWII groups with exploiters. Within 2 years He would have everyone afraid to fight USM, it became Ally USM and be considered a real WWII group, or Don't Ally and be Exploited to the ground, He had the power to destroy anyone's hard work and it was this way until mid 2016 when Allied Airborne and the Commonwealth had became allies with USM's SHAEF, The Commonwealth Was lead by Xforgerecon And the High Command of BM (British Military 1940's) and other group leaders in the Commonwealth. Allied Airborne had been through leadership changes includeing one that had The Commonwealth and A few German groups fighting AA and USM. 

The fight began in Late 2016 around October or so when USM and AA had gotten into an argument, during that argument USM declared war on Allied Airborne at AA's own Fort Campbell, after Junior Minister of Foreign Affairs AnthonyGevurat made arrangements for a Joint Training with InterstellarWar. With not much time, Allied Airborne and the Commonwealth had begun hitting USM in daily attacks until USM's HRs began Admin Abusing at the Defences. This fight would be an assortment of offensive raids from The 2 Groups USM had Attacked but those where defeated easily, In the late times of combat however, skirmishes happened on USM maps, Commonwealth or Allied Airborne men would Attack Bristol during USM events as they had inserted a Raiders team on their Training camp These Attacks usually ended in mass bans however both groups made alts and continued the skirmishes until everyone stopped raiding as a whole, within a few more months USM ownership was transferred over to ErichModel, with the change in leadership all 3 groups saw this as a peace treaty as Erich is well respected in the Commonwealth and Allied Airborne. Allied Airborne later made reparations by allying with USM and SHAEF. Abienno's influence over the community however still exists, as some Fernandez's Flead USM after the Change in powers, Today the WWII community is quiet as Everyone is recovering or Swapping eras after the 4 years of Terror Abienno Bought onto the Community.

Today the Commonwealth and Allied Airborne fight Grand Italian Army and Der Richter Empire With the Allied Forces Winning after the presidents day Offensive

Key Players:


Xforgerecon: PM of Britain

DadeSutherland: Leader of ANZACS (RIP)

DefenceofBritian: Commonwealth General

Friedhelm: Commonwealth General

Greenmerlin: Commonwealth General AND Allied Airborne General

Commtheace2k15 (CommtheAussie): Commonwealth Officer

Spyagentassasin: Commonwealth Officer


okmangeez: Allied Airborne General of the Army

Allied Airborne High Command (i.e. wolfthunderrider, GreenExodus, sootz, AnthonyGevurat, carcrash1362, and OrderBy)

Allied Airborne Middle Ranks


Abienno Fernandez: USM Leader

SHAEF Groups: Support for USM


USM- They lost dignity and power over others Erich is Currently improveing USM

Commonwealth - Lost almost nothing but about 2 raids however events during this war would lead up to the betrayal of Reapersghost282  and other BM Officers to form the Grand  Italian Army.

Allied Airborne - Would lose 2 raids and take exploit attacks from the Friggus Family