X-101st Legion Main Army, better known as simply X-101st, was one of the first clans on ROBLOX. It was originally founded in 2008 (before groups) by lordnathan. It was well known for most of it's history, and most members in the clan community have either been in it or battled it. It has somewhat of a poor reputation, largely due to it's leader, who has been associated with online dating and has been deleted many times. Even though some hold this against X-101st, it receives a lot of praise due to it's legend status in the clan world.


For his first few months of Nathan's ROBLOX experience he spent my time playing tycoons. After a while, he got interested in Military tycoons, he then realised that Military was something that interested him very greatly.

A soon while after he got interested with the ROBLOXian Military, he met a ROBLOXian called Carmcycle. He then told him how he wanted to own a clan, Carmcycle then told him he already had a clan, it was called 101st airborne. Carmcycle told lordnathan that if he made him joint-leader of his, they could use his name and he would merge his clan with his so they could have one supreme clan. Sadly, this was a complete lie, Carmcycle never had a clan.

As he began recruiting for the newly born 101st Airborne clan, Carmcycle took a break from ROBLOX. When he returned both lordnathan and Carmcycle recruited together, but behind lordnathan's back he was secretly telling everyone that lordnathan was second in command. lordnathan put up with this for a while, until he got into a fight with one of the members of 101st Airborne, and Carmcycle took away his second in command position. Of course he was furious, so lordnathan decided to leave. A few of the members came with lordnathan like carcar55. He then decided to call his new found clan 'X-101st Airborne', thus, X-101st was born!

After a few weeks he decided to change the name to 'X-101st Legion', as he believed it was catchier. he started recruiting for X-101st, and eventually met caleb10909, who later became the SiC, and best friend! Once again Caleb and lordnathan started recruiting. A while after they started recruiting, he met zech2009, who made X-101st's first recruitment centre. Shortly after that X-101st Legiob shot up to 750 members. After Carmcycle heard about X-101st's success, Carmcycle messaged lordnathan. X-101st Legion then got into a massive war with 101st Airborne, which X-101st Legion we won. The group would then had a war with elite wing, which X-101st Legion left victorious.

After the wars zech2009 made me my own recruitment centre for X-101st. Sadly, soon after that caleb10909 betrayed lordnathan and made 88 corps. Altair55, who was at that point lordnathan TiC, left with Caleb. Nug123, my forth in command, tried to make Caleb see sense, but obviously he didn’t listen. lordnathan was very furious, so he called everyone in X-101st men to to do an attack on 88 corps, and just like that it was on the front page! lordnathan felt ecstatic! He had never felt so powerful in his whole ROBLOXian life. Caleb begged lordnathan to let him rejoin X-101st, and he graciously let him.

After a while X-101st reached an estimated of 10,000 members. However once again, Caleb again betrayed lordnathan and created a group called ROBLOX Elite Forces, also known as REF. Caleb had a Fort named 'Ground base Mitch', lordnathan then decided to have his clan attack GB Mitch for three days straight. In those three days it got more then 10,000 visits. Eventually, Caleb took Mitch off showcase, showing that lordnathan had remained succesful.

After numerous victories, lordnathan made Ground Base Franneh, named after my SiC at that time, Francis147.

Eventually the group feature came out, unfortunately, an unknown user took the name X-101st (ID 13) so he made 'The True X-101st Legion'. After 2 weeks the clan had reached over 2k members. Slowly, other clans came out, such as the United Clan of ROBLOX (UCR), which X-101st then had a war with them. Members such as Justgoaway1 and others attacked the sky base and Ground base constantly, the war was later called off.

After I while he decided that the name 'The True X-101st Legion' just didn't cut it for a clan as powerful as X-101st. He told Francis to delete everyone in 'The True X-101st Legion', and made The X-101st Legion Main Division, it grew overtime to 4k members. A ROBLOXian named StealthMatt, who was also a fellow X-101st member, bought The ROBLOX Assult Team (RAT) from Cezza123. He and his growing clan consitantly attacked the X-101st Rec, which then made RAT famous for there raids. X-101st won the war, due to them getting a new leader, so they won by default.

A ROBLOXian then gave me X-101st (ID 13), and he made that into a fan-club for the main X-101st Legion. X-101st then went to war with Frost Clan. The war went on for an extremely long time, months even. Then, sadly, my account LordNathan was deleted on September 1, 2010.

Jakea99 was the first to claim The X-101st Legion Main Division, and it was apparent he wasn't going to give it back. Even though he was inactive.

lordnathan angered by his loss quit for a few months, and then came back and contacted his friend Jbayan on Xfire who had informed him that he couldn't create a roblox account or get BC back easily, so his friend hooked him up with LordHallow. While he was gone, Francis and Pluto1997 used X-101st (ID 13) as the main group. He then retrieved that group and X-101st was reborn! It didn't matter that he had lost my account, LordHallow had my beloved clan back, and that’s all that mattered to him.

Unfortunately, someone stole Lordhallow from me, so he created Lordtheft. Christina8787 held X-101st for me while he had no builders club on LordTheft. She then gave it back to me, but, due to some problems with Christina8787, she ended up deleting every member in X-101st (ID 13) and stole my account, LordTheft. LordTheft then gave up on the thought of ever getting my X-101st back.

He then made then made Imperial Legionnaires, but, typical he spelt Legionnaires wrong. After some more complications he lost Imperial Legionaires and had to remake it, but with a space.

Currently there is a movement brewing pertaining to the revival of the X-101st. It's too early to tell whether this is a serious action or just brainstorming process.