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[[1]] (formally known as "AzuLX") is a programmer and scripter who is popularly known for his creations of Roblox exploit tools and for his affiliation to The_Community (who became popular due to the whole March 18th bait) Xeradius is a popular member on Roblox. Xeradius has joined Roblox in 2011, he has changed his name two times.

Xeradius' profile description states "I AM THE ONE OLHK AOPZ DHF oaaw://hunbzupjulclu.jvt" which when deciphered translates to: "I AM THE ONE HEAD THIS WAY" The exact reasoning to this is currently unknown.

Personal Life

Xeradius is a 15 year old male, he began creating Roblox cheats and tools as a way to report exploitable functions to Roblox. He looks at Roblox exploiting as an extremely fun and productive task he can do, he reports some of the things he's discovered to popular Roblox admin ConvexHero.


Xeradius is very skilled in the C++ language, this allows him to be able to create exceedingly powerful and popular Roblox cheats, which he has distributed and sold copies of in order to create a mass amount of profit. Most of the actions he's done have not been reported under his name, and his account continues to be active from 2017.


AzuLX/Xeradius is one of the biggest weed smokers you will hear about. He once traded his virginity for 10g of weed. He once was so desperated for weed he threatened 80 year old man walking on street that he's gonna kill him if he wont give him money for weed.


He made one of the best command exploit called system48 which was god of all exploit and was really stable. Now system48 is doing good and its continued by RTF. AzuLX left it's development to work on EX-7.


EX-7 is made by AzuLX, Customality and Quad Core. Timberman also made whitelist for it. It's unrestricted script execution exploit which is based on proto conversation. It costs 35 dollars and it's really good. You can buy it from his discord: or his website:

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