The Yorick's Resting Place event was a halloween event created in 2008. Players had a chance to earn the Riddling Skull hat, by solving riddles around the game.


Name Image Creator/Group
Yorick's Resting Place
Yorick's Resting Place Thumbnail


Name Game Image Objective
The Riddling Skull Yorick's Resting Place
The Riddling Skull Hat
Complete all the riddles and obtain The Riddling Skull.


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  • Yorick is named after a reference to a character in William Shakespeare's Hamlet. The quote "Alas, poor Yorick!" on the profile is from the play.
  • When the player reached the skull, a message saying "Sorry, but the skull is in another castle...just kidding!" would appear. It's a reference to Super Mario Bros. 3 Peach's quote.
  • The Riddling Skull is a parody of the Riddling Sphinx.
  • Yorick's Resting Place is now uncopylocked.
  • In April 2, 2012; the place was made public for a short time. The reason of this is unknown.