Zombie Tower is a popular zombie game created by Nooooooo. Zombie Tower is currently, as of July 20, 2012, one of the popular games. As of August 14, 2012, the game was visited over 4.6 million times and favorited over 108,000 times and being constantly updated with new features. Ever since the creator Nooooooo was hacked on roblox the game was becoming inactive by the day. It was no longer in the front pages of game anymore. It used to get over 2,000+ place visits daily but now it only got over 200 per day. the game was now broken in many aspects.  i.e. Zombies were invincible, buttons were broken. But when idelww finally created an alt, got Builder's Club back, and moved the game, Zombie tower became popular again. It has already got many visits.


Unlike many games, it follows a "story" type of gameplay, where players are required to venture into a tall stone tower that houses a large amount of zombies and attempt to exterminate the zombies that can spawn on a floor. There are also bosses that can appear on a floor to block their progress, but gives a large amount of points if killed. The total amount of floors is 29.

Players first start with a Colt M1911 which can hold up to 14 bullets per magazine, which was originally an MP412 revolver, and a sword. Better weapons can be bought with money that can be earned from the zombies that the player killed and/or any actual VIP T-Shirt.


Most weapons in Zombie Tower are simply free model weapons, but are configured using a script for use against the zombies in the game. Nooooooo has many players who support the game, as well as many players who would help him out in the development of the game. Nooooooo himself cannot script, but has many friends who would help him script the game, (ex. ploop). Due to the rapid success of the game, he has released a sequel, named Zombie Town. The games have a rather limited amount of players per server, holding only 7 players maximum. Also, the success also led to the creation of Zombie Tower 2, with new zombies, floors, and weapons. Some of the examples of the new weapons include the FN FAL.

This game includes a 29-second video, which costs a whopping 1,000 ROBUX to submit. In this video, a stereotypical noob, with the afromented colors, first walks inside a 'cave' with suspenseful music playing, but is met by a zombie. The noob tries to run away and is unfortunately caught by the zombie, eventually killing it. After the noob dies, the camera zooms out to the exterior of the 'cave', revealing the fact that the 'cave' is, in reality, inside a stone tower with a statue of a zombie on the front. A loud howling can be heard while the camera is zooming out, and the title is shown along with spooky music playing in the background after the camera stops zooming out.


Zombie Tower Normal Zombie

Normal Zombie

The Normal Zombie is the most common zombie in Zombie Tower. It appears in most of the floors and can deal some damage. The zombie has amsand yellow head, green arms, a black body, and blue legs. The statue of the zombie is much different however as it has many blood stains on its legs and body. The zombie is also the first ever zombie made for Zombie Tower. It's also one of the 4 zombies that are playable.

There's also an unreleased variant of the Zombie that was made in the first version of the game. It had sand yellow skin, a brown body, and black legs. This zombie would never appear in future updates.

Zombie Tower Spike Zombie

Spike Zombie

The Spike Zombie is one of the strongest zombie types in Zombie Tower, as it deals great damage. The zombie has 2 sharp fangs, a thin pole on its left arm, and a spike on its right arm. It also has a sand yellow head, a blue body, red legs, and sand yellow arms. The Spike Zombie is also the second zombie ever made for Zombie Tower. It's also one of the 4 zombies that are playable.

Skeleton Zombie

The Skeleton Zombie is a zombie that is a somewhat strong zombie type. As the name implies, it's a zombie that's half skeletal. It head is half a skull, it's body has exposed rib cages, and a skeletal right leg and arm. It also has a sand yellow head, a sand yellow arm, and a black body and legs. The zombie is also one of the 4 zombies that are playable.

Gray Zombie

These zombies are the strongest out of all zombie types. Although they look weak, they actually deal great damage to the player. As the name implies, the Gray Zombie has gray skin, a blue body, and black legs. It also has exposed insides and a decapitated leg. It's right arm is also made out of slate. The zombie is also one of the 4 zombies that are playable.

Zombie Tower Zombie

Helmet Zombie

The Helmet Zombie is one of the strongest zombie types in Zombie Tower and almost has the strength of a Gray Zombie. The zombie has a bright orange head, a blue body, green arms, and black legs. It also wears a torn helmet. It also has an object stabbed in it's body.

Exploding Zombie

The Exploding Zombie is a fast zombie in zombie tower. If touched by the player, the zombie would explode on touch. The zombie has a blue body, red arms, and green legs. The zombie also has a bomb strapped onto its body. The zombie is also faster than the player.

Crawling Zombie

Zombie Tower Crawling Zombie
The Crawling Zombie is a slow zombie in Zombie Tower. It can't walk at all, so it has to crawl. The zombie has black limbs, a while body, a bright orange head, and spikes popping out of it's head.

In 2011, the Zombie used to have a decal face unlike the other zombies in the game.

In 2013, there was an update in Roblox that caused its head to be turn backwards, which resulted in the Crawling Zombie seemingly having no face at all.

Zombie Tower Brainz Zombie

Brains Zombie

The Brains Zombie is the rarest zombie of Zombie Tower and is also one of the toughest. They take a while to take down too. They have a Plants v.s Zombies zombie head, a blue body, green armsz a green right leg, and a red left leg. The zombie also deals great damage and somewhat has the strength of a boss.

In 2011, the Brains Zombie had a green brain showing on its head.

In 2013, there was a glitch where the green brain would be floating by the zombie's head due to a CFrame value glitch. The brain had to be removed entirely.

Burning Zombie

The Burning Zombie is a somewhat fast zombie in Zombie Tower. It's also one of the strongest zombies in Zombie Tower, as they can deal a great amount of damage. The zombie is all black, and all of its body parts are burning. They're somewhat rare as they appear on certain occasions. 

Gluntly Zombie Zombie Tower

Gluntly Zombie

Mistakenly or jokingly referred to as the Hamburger Zombie, these are removed zombies from Zombie Tower. It has a decapitated head, spike for it's hands, and a mouth on its body with many sharp teeth. The zombie has a blue body and legs, and sand colored arms. The zombie was slow, but strong, as it took a while to rake down.

In 2016, they were removed from Zombie Tower for an unknown reason.


Zombie Tower Hydra Boss

3-Headed Zombie

The Three Headed Zombie is a fast zombie that appears on floor 3 and floor 12. It doesn't have that much health, but can deal great damage. The zombie has 3 heads (hence the name), and has 1 normal leg, and 1 decapitated arm.

Scorpion Zombie

Scorpion Zombie

A fast robot zombie that appears floor 3, floor 4, floor 10, and floor 24. It's faster and stronger than the Three-Headed Zombie. It's completely made out of metal and suites a spike tail on its back. It also has spikes for hands, a decapitated right leg, red eyes, and a katana stuck in its body.

Zombie Tower Mutant Zombie

Robot Zombie

The Robot Zombie is a fast zombie with 3 eyes and appears in floor 4 and floor 24. It has great health, and takes a while to kill. It resembles an alien more than a robot, and has claws and a mechanical tail with a spike at the end. It also has many button like objects on its legs and body.

In 2011, it would appear as the only boss for floor 11 and 1st Boss of Zombie Tower. The Robot Zombie was stronger but slower and would deal somewhat great damage. It would also spawn in groups.

In 2016, the Robot Zombie's place was taken by the Dominus Zombie and would appear in some floors.

Zombie Tower 2 Headed Zombie Boss

2-Headed Zombie

The 2-Headed Zombie is a slow zombie that appears in floor 5 and floor 18. The zombie has 2 heads, a pair of claws on one of the three arms, and has exposed ribs and insides. It also seems to wear a black shirt and black pants. The zombie also has a big bulge on its right arm. The zombie has great health, and takes a while to kill.

Zombie Tower Toxic Boss

Toxic Zombie

The Toxic Zombie is a group of slow zombies that appear in floor 5 and floor 9. The zombie by itself is a very radioactive zombie that suites a toxic barrel as a helmet. They have great health, but is weaker than the 2-Headed Zombie. The barrel also has a radioactive symbol on it.

In 2011, it would appear as the 4th Boss of Zombie Tower. They would spawn into huge groups unlike the other bosses at the time.

In 2016, the 5th floor was rebuilt into a more challenging floor, and many bosses we're added into the floor, especially the Toxic Zombie.

Zombie Tower Mega Spike Boss

Crystal Zombie

The Crystal Zombie is a slower zombie that appears in floor 5 and floor 23. The zombie has crystals on its hands, body, and legs. It even has 8 sets of crystals shooting out of the head. It has great health about the same as the Robot Zombie, and takes a while to kill.

In 2011, It would appear as the only boss of floor 11 and the 2nd Boss of Zombie Tower. It appeared in a group of 1-3 of them. It was also stronger and a bit faster.

Surgeon Zombie

Surgeon Zombie

The Surgeon Zombie is a recently added zombie boss in Zombie Tower. It has a characteristics of a surgeon and looks seemingly human-like. It wears a pair of goggles, holds a big saw, wears white gloves, wears a mask, wears a brown cap, and wears a white coat. It also mysteriously holds a medical pack for an unknown reason. It appears in floor 6.

In 2013, The Surgeon Zombie was made by meandragontame as a gift for Nooooooo.

Zombie Tower Warrior Boss

Warrior Zombie

The Warrior Zombie is a zombie that appears in floor 7. It has a blue spot on it's body, has a head of a reptile, and welds a sword and a sheild. It has the same walskpeed as the player, and can take a while to kill. The sheild has lots of spikes and thorns, along with the sword.

Back at 2011, the Warrior Zombie would appear as a rare 3rd Boss.

In 2016, it became a boss for floor 7.

Spider Zombie

The Spider Zombie is a group of fast zombies that appear in floor 7. One of them spawns during the Warrior Zombie boss fight. When the player continues exploring floor 7, a spawn of Spider Zombies will appear and charge at the remaining player(s).

In 2011, it would appear as the 3rd Boss in Zombie Tower and would appear in floor 19. It was slower and stronger.

In 2012, The Spider Zombie was removed and was replaced by the Smoke Shifter, and would be moved to Zombie Tower 2 as the only boss. Due to the failure of Zombie Tower 2, the game has closed down.

In 2016, the Spider Zombie was re-added back into Zombie Tower as a group of zombie bosses.

Zombie Tower Old Dominus Boss

Dominus Zombie

Dominus Zombie is a group of fast but weak zombies that appear in floor 11. They wear a green dominus, has many green spikes popping out of their body, and holds a mace. Sometimes, they will take a while to kill. They spawn on top of a flaming platform.

In 2011, it was an replacement of the Dark Angel Boss. It would appear in floor 4 and would come in many groups. They we're also weaker.

In 2016, the Dominus Zombie was moved to the 11th floor, while then Dark Angel Boss was re-added in the game as a boss in the 28th floor.

Earth Zombie Zombie Tower

Earth Zombie

The Earth Zombie is a elemental zombie that appears in floor 12. It has a weird, alien like head with horns, has rocks on it's body, a horned barrel on its right arm, and has a flaming right arm. The boss takes a while to kill and can take great damage.

Hazardous Material Zombie Zombie Tower

Hazardous Material Zombie

The Hazardous Material Zombie is a recently added zombie boss in Zombie Tower. It's a group of fast zombies that take a while to kill. The zombie is red and bloated and is covered in rocks. It also has a yellow tetrahedron on it's torso which seems to represent a biohazard symbol. It deals a massive amount of damage and appears in floors 13 and 25. 

Zombie Tower Smoke Shifter

Smoke Shifter

The Smoker Shifter is also a weird strong boss in Zombie Tower. It isn't exactly a zombie. Instead, it seems to be a big arachnid with 4 pairs of wings and has 2 gears in the back. It is somewhat fast and appears in floor 19.

In 2012, it was one of the new enemies added to Zombie Tower, along with the Dominus Zombie. It would replace the Spider Zombie as the it moved to the sequel, Zombie Tower 2. It would appear as the 3rd Boss of Zombie Tower and would appear in floor 19.

Zombie Tower New Dominus Boss

Dark Angel Zombie

The Dark Angel Zombie is a zombie that is strong and can take massive amounts of damage. It has exposed rib cages, a skeletal left arm, wears a black dominus, and has red eyes. It also welds some sort of blade with its right arm. The zombie appears in floor 28.

In 2011, The Dark Angel Zombie originally spawned in the 4th floor. This continued until the release of the dominus zombie. The Dark Angel Boss was completely removed until it got re-added back in 2016.

Zombie Tower Giant Zombie

Giant Zombie

The Giant Zombie is the final boss of Zombie Tower. It is the largest and strongest out of all of the zombies. It has a head of a reptile, has black stripes on its arms, crystals on it's legs and body, and has spikes and a truss popping out of it's head. It also has a big eyeball with an iris of many colors.

In 2011, there was a glitch where The Giant Zombie will spawn in sometimes countless clones (mostly from 3-10). This made the final boss fight more difficult.

In 2012-2015, there was another glitch where the Giant Zombie would spawn, but couldn't move. It could move it's body, but couldn't roam around. Due to this, the Giant Zombie's final boss fight scenario had to be changed from just fighting the zombie to fighting a group of zombies in 2016.

Cyborg Zombie 2 Zombie Tower thumb

Cyborg Zombie

The Cyborg Zombie was one one the final bosses from 2011-2012. As the name implies, it's a giant zombie that's half robot and half zombie. Its body is half metal, a has a spinning ruby in its body, and wears a toxic gas tank which also fumes smoke. The smoke is green when It's far away from the player but turns red when close to the player.It's head is also half zombie and robot head. It's right arm, has a metal structure support in the lower area which also is supplied with claws. It's left leg, is fully made out of metal while it's right leg and left leg has some metal pieces. The body also has 2 tall truss parts shooting out of its body. The zombie also has orange arms, blue legs, and a yellow green torso.

In 2013, The Cyborg Zombie was entirely removed and never returned in any updates and in any sequels. This is possibly because of a glitch that made the Giant Zombie move around and stand still.


  • Sometimes when the 1st floor is entered, Zombies from the 2nd floor will fall into the 1st floor.
  • There used to be an obby and a secret room in the lobby until 2016.
  • The Smoke Shifter is the only enemy that isn't a zombie.
  • There is a glitch where you can win Zombie Tower without going to the top.
    • Note: You can't earn the badge
  • The Earth Zombie Boss appears in another popular zombie game called "Mission, Series."
    • The game also uses some assets from Zombie Tower.
  • Before 2016, the lobby used to be located in the clouds.
  • In 2014, there used to be a game mechanic called "keys," which would unlock a new pathway or room.
  • In the first version of Zombie Tower, there used to be 5 zombies in total, but only 2 were programed.
    • The zombies are the Normal Zombie and the Spike Zombie.
  • The sounds the zombies make are from Call of Duty Zombies.
  • At the 8th floor, there is a chance where multiple Spider Zombies will spawn at once.
  • Before 2013, The Crawling Zombie used to have a face, however, due to a Roblox update, a glitch caused the Crawling Zombie's head to turn backwards.
  • Many zombie bosses are made by Nooooooo's fans and friends.
    • The Smoke Shifter is made by TheMetalShadow as a gift to him.
    • The Dark Angel Zombie is made by meandragontame.
    • The Scorpion Zombie is made by Mutated_Zombie.
    • The Gluntly Zombie is made by megajeffrey.
    • The Surgeon Zombie is made by meandragontame.
    • The Earth Zombie is made by DriftSpeed
    • The Hazardous Material Zombie is made by Jd678