Zootopia is a developer-made-sponsored event sponsored by Zootopia. The event ran from February 11, 2016 through March 12, 2016 and the game itself was a map developed by Maelstronomer. When the event started, the game had bugs, however, they were later fixed. After the finishing day of this event, thanks to requests from fans, the game stayed up, ROBLOX forced the creator to remove everything from Zootopia including the music. The game is currently known as Explore the City & Build.


Each prize was obtainable through completing quests. There were three hats in total to collect.

Name Game Image Way to Obtain

Elegant Elephant Disguise


Elegant Elephant Disguise
Talk to the greeter bear to start the mission, then find the disguise around the map, then complete the mission.
Official Office Hare Ears Zootopia
Official Office-Hare Ears
Talk to the greeter bear to start the mission, then go to the DMV and get the number the greeter bear says.
Beast Headphones Zootopia
Beast Headphones
Talk to the greeter bear to start the mission, then find a plot and build a house and place in some more objects.

Catalog Items

Prize Image Price
Zootopia Faux Fox Ears
Zootopia Faux Fox Ears
1 tickets
Nick's Tie
Zootopia Tie
1 tickets


The event received generally mixed to positive reception as people were stating it is bad because it is yet again another developer-made sponsored event. However, there are people stating it is a good event due to the objectives being different than most events and the place being well-designed and looking like there was a lot of effort put forth. Many people also claim that this is a "step forward" in improving ROBLOX events (until the KCA event came forth).

After the game became Explore the City & Build, some people began hating the game as it's now just a bland ROBLOX place that has nothing in it.


  • This is the second developer event that uses a place made specifically for the event. The former being BLOXtober 2015.
    • Though in BLOXtober, there were three places with one made specifically for the event.
  • This is also the first developer-made sponsored event that requires the player to complete quests and objectives rather than searching or finding the item(s).
  • After the event ended, Maelstronomer had to remove everything Zootopia related, due to the fact that the sponsorship was over.

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